Rebecca Binnendyk releases amazing new Single


Rebecca Binnendyk is getting back to basics in her first single since dropping a lovely debut in Some Fun Out Of Life, “Brick by Brick,” and while this Canada-based pop singer hasn’t disappointed with any of the material that she’s released thus far in her young career, she definitely deserves some applause for this latest song. In a rebuke of the insipid pop dribble that has been filling commercial radio playlists in the last few years, Binnendyk aligns herself with an anti-minimalist aesthetic in this track and its broadminded, though incredibly simple, music video, and with the assistance of a piano-driven arrangement, she makes it hard to think about anyone else in the world when she sings this soft, fragile ballad.

Although it’s a little cluttered, this mix undisputedly bolsters the physicality in Binnendyk’s vocal in this song, though I don’t know that she needed much of a boost to begin with. This girl can belt it out when she needs to – she showed us as much in the jazz-flavored rookie album she cut back in 2016 – but “Brick by Brick” doesn’t ask her to do anything virtuosic with her voice. This composition requires a much more delicate approach, and I think that Binnendyk likely wrote it to test the depth of her skillset a bit more than she did the first time she entered the studio. I’m very pleased with the results of her experimentations and am really excited to hear more material like this track on her new album, which is scheduled to hit record stores before the year is over.

In addition to the single, Rebecca Binnendyk’s music video for “Brick by Brick” is quite the little gem as well. It visually matches the tone of the music that supports its imagery, but more importantly than that, it gives us a little more context to the lyrics that we’re listening to by presenting viewers with unspoken symbolism in every single shot. It’s a lot more highbrow than I was anticipating it would be, but on a certain level, I probably should have expected the unexpected out of any release bearing this musician’s moniker. Binnendyk is the real article, and in the crowded talent pool that she calls her home scene, she stands out like no one else does.


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