Heather Whitney releases Moving On

Heather Whitney releases Moving On

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What’s more fun then a summer night with drinks, great food, lots of friends and perfect weather? The best music playlist. Kicking off nine solid songs in her debut record, Moving On, Heather Whitney leaves little time for boredom and is heavy on all things that make country music so great – love, friends, drinking, dancing, empowerment and a lot of guitars. She even throws in a bit of zydeco.

Moving On is impressive and highly enjoyable. Whitney just has a strong sense of not only pacing the listener with upbeat tracks and slower ballads, but she carries the listener through a rollercoaster of emotions.  In reading about her background, Whitney is originally from Newton, Texas. You guessed it – Newton is not exactly a bustling metropolis. I can close my eyes and imagine it to be a wholesome, very small, tightknit community. I think Whitney’s personality and vivacious attitude in such tracks as  the rajun Cajun-flavored “By By Bayou” and “Little Bit Crazy” derive from this upbringing. While others might call living in a small town smothering or hindering, I think Whitney, based on her range and overall artistry on Moving On, wears Newton on her heart sleeve as a badge of honor.

Her voice isn’t the only thing that shines. In songs like “Man In Blue” and “When You Learn To Be Lonely” the music stirs and captivates. As a listener I felt like the orchestrations weren’t a distraction, but rather, Whitney’s vocals were perfectly paired to the tempo and tones. The piano in “When You Learn To Be Lonely” was a better choice, then say, an acoustic guitar. It make the song feel more intimate and emotional, and perhaps more delicate. It was just a brilliant decision for a stunning song.

“Shut Up and Dance” is another standout track. This is a super fun song and it definitely made me think of small town dances and even county fair gatherings. Not to be confused with Walk The Moon’s hit “Shut Up and Dance,” Whitney’s tune is pure country gold.  It’s all that is right with country music – dancing with friends and having a great time.  You might even secretly shout ‘yee haw’ under your breath when the song ends. If you really want to have fun play the two versions back to back.

So many singers and songwriters are flocking to Nashville for their big break – I think an artist like Heather Whitney has a tough road ahead of her. That’s not to say she’s not talented. She’s very talented and her command of performing, in general, shows. I think she will get her songs on radio, and I think she will be right at home on the country circuit with acts like Devin Dawson, Maren Morris, Cody Johnson and Delta Rae.  It might take some time, and a few listens, but her debut album is a fantastic introduction to her work. What she has going for her is her personality and grit. Give Moving On a shot on your musical playlist.

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