Andy Nolte’s – Tied To A String

Andy Nolte’s – Tied To A String


Andy Nolte’s – Tied To A String, is a long playing album with only nine tracks which make up a loosely conceptual-based title about time and space coming together. The tracks are not all the same visual imagination though, with some sounding less about space and more about social-political subject matter, but that could also be how one gets that far out into space. You can make your mind up as to where they come together if you’re progressively inclined or not, and that’s where the album and Nolte earn the rock tags it gets. But it’s best to keep that to the softer side it’s on, because there’s more to it than meets the ear.

The set gets underway with the mellow but astonishingly eclectic “Europa Tide” ripping through the speakers with an overall, very pleasant ring to it. The main result I get from this song is that it makes leaps and bounds to lead off with a single in every way, as the song winds up an obvious choice for a lead single and it even contends for the album’s magnum opus as it rides a clear cut above them all. However, that is not to indicate the album has no other choices for singles, in fact every song has accessible appeal but not all for the same reasons. “Kiss Me” instantly proves the latter in just one listen.

As the ride carries on, the concept seems to be about going through one experience after another together in succession as the songs are already embarked on a journey that you feel unfold with each track but there’s no destination and that is why “L.A. Can Wait” as Nolte exemplifies in this one track alone. It does lead to “Tied To A String” which the title track reveals the over-all album concept of, but it’s done so in complimentary fashion to both the song’s subject matter and how they tie in together between them. It’s one of the album’s top four tracks without question.

“How Can I” is also another superb track, and Nolte’s vocals get a chance to come off most languid, with some fabulous lyrics to its credit and the overall arrangement is second to none. It leads into “Take A Trip” with yet another song to exemplify the concept and it falls into the top four as well for me. By this time on the album you are captivated with a very spiritual song to contrast most of the others, earning its place on the album.

“These Days” shows more of his songwriting prowess on what turns out to be the sleeper track for me, which embodies everything the artist and content are about. Savoring the moment and being thankful is what it’s all about. “Safe In My Dreams” is where the previous track winds up fitting right in, with some more hypnotizing strings and a fair amount of orchestration on one of the album’s best songs. You’ll also not want to skip the finale, “Synechdoche” with its unique title and interesting lyrics. Tied To A String is an easy listening masterpiece of colossal proportions.


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