Sam Stevens: “Don’t Cry” by Addison Coleman

Agent provocateur, Sam Stevens, dubbed ‘The James Bond of the Music World’ has just unleashed his newest single, “Dont Cry” to the unsuspecting world.  The vibrant and captivating, soft pop-Romantic track is sparked by the apriorism and theme of “unrequited love”…

“The Sun’s gone dim, and the Moon’s turned black; for I loved him, and he didn’t love back”-Dorothy Parker

“Love may have longest arms, but it can still fall short of an embrace”-Megan McCafferty, Charmed Thirds

“Living with someone you love can be lonelier than living entirely alone, if the one that you love doesn’t love you”-Tennessee Williams, “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof”

“You’ve been caught up in the game, you’ve been played by him. But at the end of the day it’s just you crying’-Sam Stevens, “Don’t  Cry”

“I think you made a mistake, I’m not amazed by it. Don’t wanna see your heart break, I’m like a caged lion…Because I’m head over heels, I’m so madly in love”-Sam Stevens, “Don’t Cry”

“Why don’t you take my last name and make a life of it, and forget all the pain and strife of him….wish you were head over heels and so madly in love”-Sam Stevens, “Don’t Cry”….

Who can resist falling in love with him? Stevens has just come off of an East Coast/New York tour where his irresistible romance and staggering U.K. vitality imprisoned the hearts of new  fanatics wherever he performed.

“Don’t Cry” is a sonic quaquaversal, moving and happening in every direction instantaneously, with fragrant, well thought out and addictive lyrics, contagiously consuming those listening. It’s the kind of melody that one instantly celebrates despite the haunting theme that most can relevantly identify with. The visuals in video form will be released shortly as well as a vice ting follow-up single and a premier EP to be issued before the year’s end.

The artists rich, tantalizing vocals have been compared to that of David Bowie, Duran Duran and Brian Ferry. Commanding a natural vibrato and intense emotionally provocative and alluring sound, Steven!s artistry is a seductive, and overpowering delight.

Sam Stevens is a  Nottingham musical romantic revolutionary who has been creating the most positive essence of passion relentlessly. His songs and presence has been creating a buzz as of late in the states as well as internationally. Having played on stage with Prince, and mingling with artists such as Spandau Ballet, Boy George and Steve Strange, Stevens is no stranger to the music world. His audacious and dauntlessly salacious appearance,  intriguing attitude and eloquent charm has won him recognition via Huffington Post, Louder Than War and Buzz Feed Magazine as ‘The James Bond of The Music World”.

“Don’t Cry” is now available on all digital platforms worldwide, and is an essential purchase, especially for those who like Bowie, Duran Duran, Brian Ferry, and true romance….

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