“All Fired Up” by Signal 13

“All Fired Up” is the newest single from rockers Signal 13. The Baltimore blasters are running on all cylinders in this offering from their Destination Unknown EP. A call to the masses, a gathering of gumption, this song has the mindset of a car going 120 miles per hour, making snap decisions at every turn. Brimming with blues riffs and a vocalist that can belt better than most, “All Fired Up” is a wakeup call to other rock bands: Signal 13 will outwork you, will out rock you and will outrun you.

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The first thing you notice in “All Fired Up” besides the melodic acoustic guitar work is the lead vocalists presences. She’s about to take prisoners. Lead singer Vicky Starr has this amazing mix of raspy chords that have been dipped in gold and then sent to the welder for further smoldering. She was born for this role and it shows. When she sings lyrics like desire and lust are all the same, love is unreal, who is to blame, the future is calling, from the cracks put one foot forward, or put one foot back, she never screeches or over sings. She coolly takes the lead and even leaves room for the groove section behind her, the drums taking making a pitter-patter noise compared to the power in her voice. It’s a band though, and it’s not the Starr show (I was going to say that she’s not the ‘star’, but that might be too obvious to readers). This band sounds very cohesive and you can tell they’ve been doing what they do best for a very long time. They aren’t relying on computers and studio apps to get this raw, genuine sound.

The music bedrock in “All Fired Up” is energized in a way that you feel like you’re listening to a blues band doing a rock show. This isn’t a hair metal band trying to make a blues record. The midway point has a solid prime-time ready electric guitar solo that swells. The song makes you feel like this band has been down and out. They’ve taken some hits to the chin and made some decisions that maybe didn’t turn out the way they wanted. But they made the decision and lived with it. I think the lines about love in the song are about being in relationships with people that don’t want to make the decision – someone in the partnership has to be in the bad guy.

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I think the best decision listeners can make is to put this one on their Spotify lists for ‘motivating songs’. This one will get you caffeinated. I loved how this song runs the gamut of being a little cerebral but mostly about rocking out and escaping into the gut-punch sound. The sound is big and so are the vocals. Signal 13 is comprised of Vicky Starr on vocals, Johnathan Lassier (guitar), Chris Starr (guitarist), Patrick Jenkins (bass guitar) and Johnny Sexx (drums). “All Fired Up” follows the singles “Dirty” and “Stay With Me”.

Michael Rand

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