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Visually, Los Angeles’ Alonzo is a dream. He’s silky smooth, muscle-bound and he’s got the moves best suited for a music video. His new video for the sizzling-hot track, “Your Medicine” proves why this guy is on many ‘who to watch’ lists around the globe. The song and the video are stunning representations of a young artist with skillsets that go beyond recording a song. He’s got it.

This song and video is not the cure for a fever – it causes fever.


“Your Medicine” is one of those songs that takes just a few listens to implant its incredible hook into the listener’s ear. Yes, it’s an earworm. Capturing that same vibe and setting a tone for audiences that don’t know of this Alonzo, a mystery to some for not very long, is done remarkably well by director Marshall King. Presumedly filmed in a studio, with several set changes and wardrobe changes, the visuals capture an array of Alonzo moments where he’s seducing the camera and audiences with spotlights, neon framework and even laying in a bathtub full of golden containers. His leather jacket, too, shirtless and presenting this bad boy type of image. The song plays on the idea that medicine should be “kept away from children” and has a disclaimer at the onset stating that side effects to the video may include wet dreams, increasingly high body temperatures and unusual urges of intimacy.” Ah! Doctor! Doctor!


The video doesn’t quite get that intimate. You can still watch it with kids in the room. It’s no “When Doves Cry” in the same way Prince stunned audiences, but taking a few notes out of the Prince playbook, Alonzo’s falsetto voice and overall bravado in singing “lay down on your back and take your medicine, take your medicine! I’m your medicine!” channels a wave of musicality from the 80s, 90s into the now. So, in a way it’s way tamer that what the kids saw on early MTV days (kids without cable got the network TV edits), but he definitely brings his own personality into the video (and song). According to Alonzo’s biography, he’s also a dancer. There is quite a bit of dancing in the video and he’s emphasized his body as an instrument.

What is most striking about the video and as a listener in “Your Medicine” is the confidence and the ease behind the microphone for a younger performer like Alonzo. It’s such a juicy song. He’s a natural and while in the video he’s not ‘hamming it up’ he’s certainly captivating the audiences with his eyes and ready for pop radio vocals. Again, according to his bio, the Chicago-born and Rockford, Illinois-raised singer could be found “when his mom wasn’t at home, he would perform fake concerts in his living room as if he were performing for thousands of people.” Director King may not have captured thousands of people on film in the music video for “Your Medicine” but he successful shows the draw and appeal of a young, charismatic and determined artist.

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