Peter Muller’s “Let You In” single earns high marks

Peter Muller’s “Let You In” single earns high marks for its attention to detail in every department, but there’s so much to write home about it with Peter Muller himself it would take up a lot of space to cover in the era of music discovery and how it works. This is almost like covering a lot of people instead of just one artist, because this is an artist who wears many other hats and they’re not all music related. If Muller can be found on concert stages, he can also be found throughout other world stages with much to tell about him besides his music.


After getting into “Let You In” several times, I find not only Muller but to be remarkably good but also Missy Soltero. And there’s plenty more where it came from, so it’s part of Muller’s act and it’s a special classical blend of Pop and Jazz style with stand up bass. Nothing overtly contemporary about it, this is traditional and of utmost class. Not having heard the name Peter Muller myself, it turns out there is a lot going on that I missed and it’s worth catching up with at his website.

This is a straight-forward, stripped back sort of track with all the right stuff in-tact which can swing from several genres and sub-genres with ease, but it can essentially be classified as a ballad by way of its ultimate structure. However, not a ballad of the slow and often boring variety, it’s full of fantastic melodies which keep it well-grounded. I’m not limiting Muller in any way here because he leans toward rock and country as well, even somehow on “Let You In.” It’s all to be found laced within this and other tracks as a thread of styles which all stay within the good mainstream class.

It’s unknown to me where his musical career began, but more can be found about him and it’s nothing to do with his music adventures at all, this is a person of many great means. It makes it time consuming to know all about Muller, but it’s worth the time and fascination, especially for someone out in left field of him. “Let You In” took me to the right places to find out more, but there’s no better place to be than being there with the artist as a fan. It beats looking in from the outside any day, but you have-to start somewhere. This is where the pot of fortune begins, and it is a big pot concerning his work.

“Let You In” is a two-way street where the artist defines the title and brings any outsider closer to his music and other projects, most of which can be seen by way of press releases and information provided on the internet. But that is all content which the track lead me to, and it’s best to get that the other way around. I might be late in the game when it comes to Peter Muller, but I’m not sorry I heard this track and learned more about him.

Michael Rand

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