Vineet’s new release “Nine”

Vineet’s new release Nine continues in the musical vein the Indian singer/songwriter has explored over the last year and change. His ambitions, however, take a bold leap into the unknown with Nine, an album collecting the 9 European Top 100 chart Number 1 hits he released in 2021, and a short story for each song. These are not fragments posing as substantive fiction but fully realized tales delivering on narratives little more than sketched out in the songs.

It’s an impressive testament to his productive 2021 and puts his accomplishment in its proper scope. It also extends his reach further than before as Nine pushes Vineet’s name into circles musicians usually never penetrate. A multimedia approach has characterized his art at each step of the way, it’s true, but incorporating prose into his toolkit is a surprising development that proves successful on multiple levels.

He shows off another side of his talent without ever overshadowing the songs. The stories he’s concocted for each one is akin to the promotional clips he’s released for the songs. It embellishes the central “text” which, in the end, remains the music. Those already familiar with the songs will likely find it fun and interesting to hear the idea behind each one fleshed out for readers. Newcomers to Vineet and his material will, on the other hand, appreciate such a generous wealth of content.


“Nine” is the latest of Vineet’s singles and one of his most complete tracks yet. It’s another cut well within the pop/EDM vein though the latter tendencies are seldom pronounced in Vineet’s music. Beginning the song with its chorus is the musical equivalent of “putting your best foot forward” as it is definitely a peak moment in the release.

The electronic backing, however, never takes precedence over the lyrics and Vineet’s voice. He isn’t a technically perfect or traditionally beautiful singer, but unquestionably delivers an emotive performance. It never slides into nonsense, however. His lyrics do what they should for this song, sketch out a scenario, and allow listeners to draw their own interpretation. The song has a slightly idiosyncratic, though not unheard of, structure.

His video for the song is effective as well. Vineet’s clips for each single are united by a polished DIY ethic and varied styles. Some utilize well-chosen stock footage, others take a different tack, and “Nine” adds animation for a heated emotional effect. It’s quite complementary to the song without ever overwhelming it. Vineet’s planning is too meticulous for that to happen.

“Nine”, like the other songs, can either stand on its own or else be digested as part of a larger release. Vineet’s songwriting influences are confined to a single style or genre and, consequently, his musical output has illustrated his wide-ranging interests. One part of it all with a chance of pushing everything over the top for listeners is its integrity. Vineet is writing and performing for himself, without any doubt, but he’s also writing and performing for us. The warm embrace of his music and the accompanying short stories is impossible to ignore.

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