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Tension infects the air alongside a swaggering strand of rip-roar riffing at the onset of “Beaming Right Up,” the virginal studio offering from Makes My Blood Dance, and without disturbing the fluidity of the boisterous beats around it, this tension will carry over into the opening verses of the single and keep us on the very edge of our seats for the duration of the song. The vocal track sails into the eye of the storm and sews a bit of melodicism into the fabric of the grooves, but nothing is able to stamp out the growing wildfire that is being fueled by the stomp of the drums as we inch closer and closer to the cathartic chorus. Makes My Blood Dance are giving us the metal mayhem that was thus far missing from the sonic spectrum in 2019, and it’s a formidable force to be reckoned with, to put it mildly.

All of the energy in the verses builds into a magnetizing climax as we get into the hook-laden peak of the track, but the intensity of the band’s performance never slows down for a moment. There’s a lot of adrenaline here, even when they’re lumbering through the verses separating one chorus from another, and the lyrical prowess exhibited from behind the microphone is evenly matched up with a dynamic guitar solo that unites the first act of the song with the second. We’re grinding against the grain in a vivid contrast of textures presented by the bassline, but the drums are acting like glue and holding all of the pieces together in a well-organized arrangement that is as solid as any of the riffs within it are.


Instrumentally, I would say that “Beaming Right Up” is one of the more detailed numbers I’ve heard from an upstart heavy metal group this year, save for the post-metal acts that flat-out reject incorporating vocals into their sound altogether. Every component in the mix is designed to get our attention, and while the singing and the guitars are the evocative flashpoints that define the cosmetics of the single, they aren’t generating the whole of the narrative at all. The lyrics are making a statement here, but the music itself is giving that statement the context we need for it to be widely-accessible; a concept that has somehow escaped the grasp of most all of Makes My Blood Dance’s counterparts on both sides of the Atlantic.

Bold musicality awaits all who pick up a copy of Makes My Blood Dance’s debut release “Beaming Right Up” this season, and while they’ve still got a long ways to go in terms of establishing themselves within the international heavy metal consciousness, a song like this one could really expose their sound to a lot of metal enthusiasts who have been searching for something different as we near the 2020’s. There’s a lot of reasons to be excited about new music right now, and if you love a mountainous melody outfitted with sharply original beats as much as I do, a band like Makes My Blood Dance will definitely hit the spot this spring.

Michael Rand

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