“Teddy Bear” by Tommy Botz

“Teddy Bear” by Tommy Botz, is a new single that covers a sad subject the artist himself felt compelled to write about while locked up in an Ohio prison after going down the wrong road for much too long. It’s a case of both mistakes and redemption that only his music can heal, which singer Logan Wells puts the finishing touch on with flying colors to deliver a smoldering lead vocal. Her voice is not only of the perfect sultry tone, but also of the world class variety in-general. But the story begins with much to tell concerning how Boltz arrived in the position to write such a beautiful song.

Cleveland, Ohio is where his battle with alcoholism and living on the street started and led to nearly fifteen years of sobriety and finally realizing his dream to record his music has taken place. That is where the story starts, and the song keeps it going to places even Botz has yet to discover by the sound of it. This is a gut-wrenching country song, sang from a grieving mother’s point of view, through the magnificent voice of Logan Wells. The song was written for a fellow inmate who knew he wrote songs and came to his cell one night in tears because he’d heard his daughter had passed away.

SOUNDCLOUD: https://soundcloud.com/tommy-botz/teddy-bear

This had a troubled wife questioning her own faith, so he asked him to write something in memory of his child. And faith being what it is to some, a strong presence in this case helped all the-more to come up with a naturally great number out of it. The result is an astonishing piece of work to say the least, which should not go unheard by country music and music lovers in-general. It’s just a different time now concerning how to go about it, even though Botz has written over 200 songs. I’d like to hear the EP next, because one song by Boltz is definitely-not enough, even though “Teddy Bear” is brilliant. It’s just nice to know there is more to hear than this one single, so that is another good thing.

You don’t find any better than this when looking for new or old country tunes, but it’s very stylized so it can attract the right listeners and keep them hooked with a very accessible track. That’s what the singles market is looking for, and that is what it gets here and much more with a very compelling story to go with it. “Teddy Bear” checks out on the level of what the best are bringing in country, but if you want to know more, it will further fascinate you to seek out more on Tommy Botz and get the entire story about this marvelous single which should soon enough be at the top of playlists. I have already tagged it myself and it’s still going strong after a week, and it comes recommended for all it’s worth because you simply can’t top the musical, vocal and production qualities.

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