“So Cold” and “Lovin Clubbin” (SINGLES) by Gabriele Saro feat. Yves Agbessi and Francesco Siliotto

Have you ever felt physically cold because you’ve lost that special someone in your life? Or have you ever witnessed someone across the dance floor that took your breath away? Two stories and two scenarios await the listener in Gabriele Saro with Yves Agbessi and Francesco Siliotto’s “So Cold” and “Lovin Clubbin” tracks. Dynamic and irresistible, Saro’s penchant for synth grooves and buoyant wavelengths invades the listener’s world.

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Fans of Armin van Burren to Melanie C (“I Turn to You”) to The Chemical Brothers to Justin Timberlake will want to add these tracks to their playlists. So much of the listening experience is about the atmospheric tones and the electropop waves crashing against the listener. Saro, who has hundreds of compositions under his name, holds a degree in music for film composition, as well as business administration (as well as a master’s degree in neuro-linguistic programming), dabbles with his foundation of movie scores more so in “So Cold” than “Lovin Clubbin”. Both songs, though, have a bright, enigmatic music bedrock.

You’re not here with me, sings a male voice in “So Cold”. The seasons have changed and winter is upon the singer, his story of being lonely and feeling so cold, as well as full of regrets unfolds. His vocals aren’t vulnerable, or over dramatic, but the underlying music is solid. I feel so cold, he yearns, adding extra emphasis (and cutting the word in half) in ‘cold’. The bend in his voice is cute, and endearing. I heard quite a bit of empathy in his voice and he really cares for this person in his life. She’s gone, but he’s really sad and the loneliness is physically chilling him. Saro’s music bed is crisp, with beautiful electronic piano keys mesmerizing the listener. They turn into icier tones, as if the keys were frozen water. If crystals and diamonds made a sound, the music bed to “So Cold” fits perfectly.

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If “So Cold” is ice then “Lovin Clubbin” is fire. Drawing much more heat than furnace, the up-tempo ride is reminisce of Timberlake or even in the vein of Usher. The same male vocalist sings of  woman (she makes me wanna say damn) that is making him stop in his tracks. Again, the vocals are nice and his voice is grabbing, but the music turned my head the most. It’s not overdone with unnecessary beats or drops, it stays in the same lane. No extra bells and whistles needed, Saro runs a tight ship.

Overall, “So Cold” and “Lovin Clubbin” are excellent songs. If I had to choose my favorite of the pair, I would say “So Cold”. I liked what the song made me dream up, and where it took me emotionally. And that was just on the music. The lyrics are catchy, yes, but the interesting way Saro worked in the rhythms and melodies into the music bed is dreamy and thrilling. He casts a wide net and catches beating hearts, open minded souls and enthusiasm. With each listen, my appreciation grew.  

Michael Rand

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