Des Cox (SINGLE) “My Internet Lover”

Des Cox has dedicated the bulk of his life to creativity. From his work as a screen animator to his revolutionary contributions to the career of Jim Henson, there’s scarcely been a moment in his professional existence that hasn’t featured some level of artistic emission. This year, in his new single “My Internet Lover,” Cox explores his musical talents with a trademark adlibbing style that his fans in the UK have come to adore throughout his time in the spotlight. “My Internet Lover” reflects his reputation for thinking outside of the box marvelously, and it’s a terrific listen for melody-lovers in need of a swinging pop beat without debate.

There’s nothing forced about Cox’s execution in this track. He’s having as much fun as the melodies yield for the audience, and if this is any sort of example of what his live gigs are like, I can understand what all of the hype has been about. Whether he’s improvising here or simply going off of a blueprint he’s been employing on stage since his greenhorn days, his performance in “My Internet Lover” creates a cocktail of colors and textures that you can’t often find when cruising mainstream radio stations nowadays.

The strumming of the acoustic guitars in this single is abstractly hypnotic, and undeniably adds to the surreal underpinnings found in both the instrumental and vocal harmonies. In my first sit-down with “My Internet Lover,” I couldn’t help but detect some 60’s pop vibes that Cox would be wise to break out in a future recording session. He’s got a very diverse sonic profile, and though it’s obvious that he takes a lot of influence from the outsider folk movement in the United States, there’s no question that his is as unique an offshoot of that sound as you’re going to find.

Independent artists can get away with installing irony in cut and dry lyricism better than any major label players can, and if you were to retain that spirit in a remix of “My Internet Lover,” I think the excitement produced by this song could be replicated over and over again. Des Cox strikes me as the kind of musician who isn’t afraid to try anything at least once, and if he were to manipulate some of the different instrumental elements in this song behind a mixing board, my gut tells me he could inspire as many avant-garde millennials as he would his most loyal of fans.

I haven’t heard many artists quite like Des Cox in the past couple of years, but that just might be the best thing this singer/songwriter has going for him. There’s no pigeonholing a song like “My Internet Lover” using conventional genre terminology; to be frank, this is a track that you have to listen to and break down for yourself to completely grasp and understand. All of the critical commentary aside, Cox’s harmony-based handiwork here makes his new single a great spin for anyone who likes filler-free folk/pop, and in my book, that earns him a lot of respect as a player.

Michael Rand

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