Interview: David Palmer: The Leo King by Eileen Shapiro

Respected globally as a cutting edge celebrity astrologer, David Lawrence Palmer AKA “The Leo King”, has become celebrated as “The Go To” spiritual influencer for the media and a spiritual trend-setter for the world. 

Palmer has spent over a decade on TV and can often be seen on Entertainment Tonight, and appearing with stars such as Steve Harvey. The Leo King is also the owner, producer and co- founder of the largest video, horoscope media network and app, entitled “High Vibe TV.” He also owns a multitude of OTT media corporations including 12th House Media Corp, and The Leo King, Inc. which produces and distribute edgy content via mobile apps, social media, and streaming platforms. 

Palmer is also recognized as a trusted speaker at events, national tours, conferences and documentaries. He is about creating innovative, exciting, and at times controversial material for OTT  media  markets, and television, while he offers an up to date and trendy view of spirituality. 

At first glance, David Palmer is easily mistaken for a super model, movie star, or rocker, as he is probably one of the hottest men on the planet. After speaking to him for a short time it became evident that his words were as powerful as a raging tsunami , yet they evoked a quiet, zen-like calmness. The conversation soon became a piercing prophetic – like visionary sensibility, and one of the deepest conversations I’ve had thus far….

I stalked you and you are one of the hottest advisors and astrologists out there.

It’s kind of a weird life.

What about it particularly makes it weird?

There are the two oldest professions in the world and one is being an astrologer and the other is being a prostitute. It’s very weird being in a career that’s very stigmatized. There’s a stigma when you’re an astrologer either A) from a religious point of view, that I’m going to Hell. and then B) from the science community, who thinks I am schizophrenic or living in a pseudo-reality. 

How do you deal with those challenges?

I think a lot of it is just learning to embody and be the person, the astrologer and just own that position. From many different times in history astrologers have been known as celebrities themselves. Whether it was queen Catherine in France with Nostradamus or even Nancy Reagan who worked with Joan Quigley for seven years in the White House after Reagan got shot. Astrologers have to step in the forefront and really do the whole “let me prove it to you” and just embody it and own it and show the way. They are way showers.

You’re not the average stereotype looking astrologer, or acting astrologer. I mean you look more like a super model. 

I think a lot of it in today’s world it’s a lot harder for an astrologer let’s say to actually get heard. We are living in a very different reality than we did hundreds and even thousands of years ago. Today it definitely is around a certain subculture of being a model especially with social media or an Instagram personality or even in my old reality show days, you have to be somebody who sticks out. So I’ve taken this and used all of my talents, whether they were the talents of being a model or being on television and turned that all into being a celebrity astrologist to lead the way. A lot of astrologers don’t know how to really reach the multimedia facet, especially mass media. It’s about using whatever tools I have whether it be my looks at the time, or my apps, whatever it is, it’s planning a way to get the message out there, and help people where they are at. That’s very difficult in today’s world for a lot of people because it takes the embodiment of understanding the mass media system. A lot of astrologers who are super spiritual think either it’s counter to being an astrologer or they don’t really understand how to enter into mass media well.

As a celebrity astrologer what predictions have you made that people would know about and see come to pass?

If you want to speak about predictions I’ve made that would be more I guess you could say for the people who’ve never watched me before, because every day I actually do a horoscope and of course I predict tons of things in everybody’s life everyday from different relationships. But actually if you go into World event situations we can start with in 2014 I went on BET and told Keke Palmer the host that Beyoncé and Jay Z were not a good relationship. That they would have some really hard troubles in 2015. I said that it was not going to be looking good for them. I said that it was coming up in 2015 and that’s when Jay Z announced he was cheating on Beyoncé. That’s more of a mundane what we call in astrology a prediction. I also predicted in my magazine in 2018 that we would have the lowest and then a spike in high fuel prices that we haven’t seen in two decades and you’ve seen that here in 2019. Already the lowest fuel prices in America moving towards an oil-based economy and the biggest producer of oil which is all published in my magazine which was the number one bestseller at the beginning of this year for astrology. In there as well I have predictions about Trump saying that August and September 2019 would be the two hardest months for him. He’s going through the hardest cycle in his chart that he ever has. In July we are already starting to see the mounting for an impeachment aspect. The congress did come together and they’re not happy with him and his comments in his tweets, to where they call him racist. That’s actually going to go down on record that congress denounced what he had to say. Basically, there are a lot of Trump predictions that I have in the magazine. I also have made the claim that I don’t think he’ll make it to the election of 2020. But, I do say it’s for a health issue not from an outside issue of impeachment.

Wow. Do you make these predictions as an astrologer or are you psychic as well?

It’s definitely hand-in-hand of being a psychic and being an astrologer because when you tap into the planets you have to realize that you are already tapping in the same energy of what psychic is. You are listening to signs. When you are psychic you get something called a hit. An example is my ex-girlfriend called me and said she was dating someone and for some reason I got it in my head that he said something about having a friend with an airplane that we can take any time. I told her for some reason this is not the relationship you should be with because I have the feeling that he’s kind of deceiving and kind of not the energy that you want. I said “if he says I have a buddy who has a private jet that we can take anytime then you’ll know not to be with this guy.” She let me know that he literally just told her that on their first date. She said it already happened. I said “well I don’t know if that’s a sign for you or not….” With being an astrologer the whole psychic aspect is saying “OK the planets are doing this.”  In astrology there are multi layers. We have what we call a linear time, which is like we are doing today. We are doing an interview in 2019 in August at 11:00 AM. Then there is something called nonlinear time which in astrology we can move time as in the future and we can also move time using the planets as hands of a clock. We can actually move them in a progression. We can actually move them backwards and when we are going into all these different time periods, and when I get to the exact moment it hits the understanding of somebody’s own unique astrology or if I’m looking at the world in general I am able to basically think of life like a VCR tape. I can go forward and back wherever I want to see what slides are going to pop up. So that psychic ability visually and mentally and emotionally helps you feel what I see coming or what could have happened in the past and the correlations of that lesson. It’s like being a scientist. You take the data from the past and bring it to the future and make your own call. A lot of that is not only the science aspect but it’s actually following calls in your gut, in your intuition. I have what I call guides. I have these spiritual guides that help bring me information to give this information out. 

Do these guides have names? Do you know them?

No they don’t have names. What’s funny is let’s say I was doing a reading for a client. They don’t pop up as this physical creature per se. They show up as just these energetic, invisible, but I can see an outline and they transfer emotional data, informational data, and mental data and I am able to get the most random things. One thing about being psychic is nothing is random. You say it. It’s about the courage. It’s not so much about the psychic awareness. We all have it. We all know when we get invited somewhere whether or not we feel like going. But then we put our mind ahead of our soul and say “well maybe I should”, even though intuition is saying not to go. There’s something telling me not to go but people are not courageous enough to follow that.

That’s heavy stuff. What is your view point on the law of attraction? 

It is. Our real free will choices in life is taking these predetermined positions in life and choosing the positive one or the negative one. I think what the understanding of the law of attraction is starting to visualize that the universe does have this beautiful thing called destiny. We can see a lot of the understanding of our strengths, our weaknesses and so forth through astrology and also what is coming up. But we do have a gate for what our life is to draw a positive experience to this destiny or a negative one. A lot of it has to do with understanding whether or not we stay in that positive state because a lot of people have to learn that the little things that get to us in this life, the little lessons can of course cause stress. But they all are lessons. I think that the universe throws us lessons all the time. The more positive we stay it’s almost like the universe delivers us more positives. For others there is a lot of lessons where the negative could be doubled down and can come back as negative. Astrology can help people understand how to get out of that negative state. It does also help people understand this law of attraction a lot better. There are always going to be moments of challenges but there is always going to be moments of great glory after that. It determines where you’re at with your positive attitude.

You work with Seventeen Magazine and you’ve had many articles in that magazine? You’ve predicted some interesting things that have happened with celebrities. 

In Seventeen just this week Cole Sprouse and Lili Reinhart announced another breakup. I had called four months ago in April that I didn’t show that the relationship was that strong or that it could not even be fully real. Then the response from them was you don’t know from sources but all the sources say that they have broken up. They even said that there was some sort of big secret going around. It’s really hot right now and Seventeen re-wrote “Listen to Astrologist David Palmer, because he predicted it. There are these couples that are now creating relationships just for attention, for example for a movie and I am able to see through that through the astrology. 

If you could have me ask you any question in the world, what would you want me to ask you?

Maybe why does the world have such a weird affinity with astrology?

Ok, why does the world have such a weird affinity with astrology?

I would say that the question of why the world has such a weird affinity with astrology is because they are living in the world where astrology is actually in our everyday lives but they have not been taught the truth, so it is almost an uncomfortable suit everybody is wearing, not knowing that they are wearing it, or living in a reality that they are not told is the truth. We can use the example of the “hour.” The word hour comes from the understanding of Horace, which comes from EGYPT, which was the Sun God. Which had risen on the Horizon, which was Horace’s zone. Which is how we determine the hour every day using the sun. Little things like that, that people are realizing that the word month comes from the moon. The moon’s lunar cycle is every 29 1/2 days. That is the exact medium between all 12 months. We have 30 day months, we have 31 day months and sometimes we have 28 day months. Also, the menstrual cycle for a woman is 29 days which is the exact cycle of the moon. The moon cycle and how it deals with the sun is exactly like the menstrual cycle. When we have a new moon every month a woman has just finished her menstrual cycle for the last 2 1/2 days before that which we call the dark moon. Then for two weeks we have what is called a waxing moon where the egg or the moon is moving its way up until it gets to the full moon which would be the woman’s most fertile point, two weeks after her period. Then at that point in life we have this full moon when police put on more people because people act crazier. Then after that we have what is called a waning moon, that is the egg falling down. So long story short people are living in a world that is actually based off astrology and they don’t even know it. It’s kind of like in the movie The Matrix where people wake up and they realize what the hell is going on?

That’s really true.

We are in a world that’s surrounded by actual astrology. Even the terms like month/moon, or Sun/day, Satur/day is Saturn’s day. All of our entire time system is also based off astrology. Since we base our whole time system on planetary, and more important the sun and the moon, and the earth especially, we have this relationship. We live in a world where all these things that we are saying have full meaning to what is actually based off astrology. What the ancients in every civilization used was astrology. We live in a world today that has a time system that is actually off, hence we have lead year and we move the time forward and back. But what that’s doing is trying to calculate and get back to the actual perfect time to what’s happening out in space. We live in a reality where we have to adjust and we are always off. It means society is off right now. Society is always going to be off until we move back to the original way. The ancients followed it perfectly. They were in harmony with it. We are in a state of disharmony because we live in a world where nobody knows why these understandings of the world or the way they are, because they come from ancient tradition. Nobody has been taught that. We’ve also been taught that it’s the devils work or that it’s pseudo-science which means that anybody that has the courage to walk down the road of the truth is going to be looked on as funky or weird. Trump is not the only witch hunt in the world. There is an actual witch-hunt  for those that are going off the norm. It’s like the lobster syndrome. If they try to climb out of the cage all the other lobsters are going to pull that lobster down out of the cage.

You are almost scary in a good way.

I’m just trying to help people wake up. It’s a beautiful thing. It’s about understanding and feeling what’s right and what feels Divine, and to draw in that life that’s waiting for you out there. A lot of people are missing out on that really beautiful connection that can offer them everything they want in their lives. 

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