Alya Michelson releases Puppet Strings


Russian born artist and musician Alya Michelson possesses artistic gifts spanning an impressive gamut of forms, but her new music single “Puppet Strings” highlights talents gestating since her youth. Her parents pushed her to pursue more pragmatic career goals and Michelson briefly relented becoming a successful journalist in her native land. Being feted as a powerful reporter and writer never quelled her musical soul. Her increasing dissatisfaction over having chosen that career path instead of satisfying her songwriting and performing ambitions eventually gave way to her returning to music and “Puppet Strings” alone illustrates we’re better off for it. It’s an early harbinger of more to come – plans are afoot to release Alya’s debut in both English and Japanese language versions, another indication of Michelson’s far-reaching commitment to producing top shelf art.

Despite her central role in the performance, “Puppet Strings” is a collaborative experience. Michelson’s gorgeous vocals will touch you from the first, but they gain much from the surrounding instrumental performances, balanced production, and an arrangement free of any pseudo-virtuosic moments. There’s a suggestion of the personal laced through this recording, but Michelson’s art focuses on communicating with her audience and we are involved in the experience of “Puppet Strings” from the first. It’s an eloquently orchestrated affair in every way, but Michelson’s voice has a natural tone throughout the course of the song and never strikes a false note. We lose her voice a little more than I’d like during the song’s chorus and it is a shame given the exceptional lyrics she’s written for this tune, but never so much it compromises the song in a meaningful way.

There are a number of musical elements running through “Puppet Strings”, but you’ll be hard pressed to identify any obvious influences. Michelson has an approach that’s immediately signature and lightly touches on a number of musical styles, including jazz, art pop, and a hint of classical. It is structurally challenging in certain respects, particularly with its subtle tempo shifts, but there’s a solidly commercial slant to the song as well that should appeal to both casual and serious music fans alike. The rhythm section performance is especially important to the song’s success, but adorning the song with other expressive instrumental performance fleshes out the song’s potential. While I may not appreciate the chorus as much as I’d like, there’s no doubt many will gravitate to its dramatic swell. Michelson and her collaborators deserve kudos for how smoothly they transition back into the song’s main body once that pinnacle has passed. Life must be good for Alya Michelson right now and getting better every day. She is married, living in Los Angeles, and her decision to chase after her musical dreams has exposed her art to a greater audience than she likely anticipated. “Puppet Strings” is a powerful and varied single release, yet compact and clearly designed for modern audiences. It’s an important step towards Michelson fulfilling her artistic destiny but, most importantly, fulfilling her inner need to create and share her voice with the entire world.


Michael Rand

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