“You Make It Feel Like Christmas” by The Modern Gentlemen

Four magical voices combine to create a bright, warm fun song in “You Make It Feel Like Christmas”. The quartet behind the song is The Modern Gentlemen, a stylish and crisp band of crooners. Not to be confused with the Gwen Stefani featuring Blake Shelton hit with the same title, The Modern Gentlemen deliver an enchanting pop standard-like song trimmed with piano, elfish-like percussion and lots of references to holiday treats. By the song’s end, of course, the real treat is that The Modern Gentlemen succeed at getting the listener ready for Christmas.

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Making up The Modern Gentlemen are Landon Beard, Todd Fournier and brothers Brian Brigham and Brandon Bigham. Broadway fans might recognize their names, but fans of Frankie Valli’s touring shows will be the first to tell you that these guys have been backing the icon Valli as the Four Seasons for over 10 years. Their stylings and melodies are divine and effortless. Fans of Frank Sinatra, Michael Bublé and Johnny Mathis will flip in hearing this song. “You Make Me Feel Like Christmas” is written by Mike Krompass, Robbie Nevil and Steve Diamond.

Their entire essence, as you might imagine, is slick and a throwback to what some might call a bygone era. They sing with modesty, but their voices linger for hours. From the opening measures about hot chocolate (in a Santa mug) to baking cookies, “You Make Me Feel Like Christmas” charms the heck out of the listener. It’s a cuddly song, and their voices make it all the more cozy. What surprised me the most is that they all take turns singing. Their voices are evenly matched and their tenors run together like ribbons to a bow. You’re everything I need to make the holiday complete, is one of the standout lines. Okay, there is definitely more than that, but for the sake of this review, let’s use that soundbite. I think this song has the makings to be on many holiday movie soundtracks, and can definitely pick up steam to be a Christmas staple. It’s a little gushy, but that’s also it’s strength. Like tinsel on a Christmas tree, the more gooey and dreamy, the better. Keep it coming!

As the listener gets the chance to marinate in their voices, sipping a bit longer on the delicious vocal embellishments, The Modern Gentlemen remind the listener of the honesty and the wholesomeness of not only Christmas time, but in music. Their voices, untouched by the autotune and overzealous production, are clear as the fresh snow. That in itself is exciting to hear – a specialness that can’t be duplicated in the studio. In their voices you hear the grandness of stages from Broadway to the Greek Theatre and beyond and somehow they make the listener feel as though they were the only one listening. A special gift and a special transportation to the season that already gives so much, “You Make It Feel Like Christmas” make it feel like Christmas for boys and girls of all ages.  The Modern Gentlemen have started a new Christmas tradition in this gem of a song.

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