Alex VanTrue Releases New Song “Replay”

Before I knew it or had a say, sings Alex VanTrue in the new song “Replay”. He’s evoking the lyrics of James Fairchild, and the writer’s tearjerker of a story line. Fairchild’s heartbreaking words paint his narrative of losing an unborn child conceived out of wedlock. With so much drama and sentimental journey, finding home and comfort in this moving soft rock track, VanTrue seeks out and accomplishes the sonic skills needed to communicate to the listener. He does it all with a grandiose sound and an equally dignified delivery.


VanTrue’s tenor is amber-laced. Oh, I can’t replay what’s been taken away, he sings. He continues, oh God, I can’t pay today for my sins of yesterday. This lyrical line struck me – there are so many reasons to not act, but there are reasons that happen for a reason. You can’t live in the past. I understand that as a songwriter, Fairchild is bleeding his sins, he had an affair that led to a pregnancy. The way he pleads makes the listener realize that he’s grown from the experience. All the regret, all the pain is upon him. He can no longer contain it. VanTrue, again, not the one who wrote the song but is the medium for which Fairchild’s words come to the surface, brings an immense amount of sympathy. There is also a warm intensity that VanTrue brings to the table.

There are many layers to “Replay”. Fairchild doesn’t share all the details of the affair, or the aftermath in the song, but in his press materials he does disclose further explanation. His story is quite spellbinding and could be an entire article on its own merit. It’s safe to say that to put this in song, Fairchild has shown true artistry. Furthermore, VanTrue, a singer that is based in Portugal, brings his rock credentials. The lead in a Queen Tribute band (One Vision: A Queen Tribute), VanTrue is skilled at interpreting songs in a way that would leave even the grittiest of rock fans to tears. He as a wide range, and his care for the lyrics is evident. He brings the song to life.


“Replay” is a song that feels right on a rainy day, or played in a moment of reflection. I think the human condition of regret and loss is universal, but what Fairchild and VanTrue additionally fuse together are memories and love. This song might be especially emotional during the holidays, as it’s already such a sentimental time. Whether it was written in hindsight or foresight, we all have those triggers that call us to take stock and categorize moments in our life that stick out more than the others. The deep pain, the unbearable loss of a child is unimaginable. “Replay” never lets the listener forget that pain, but it also looks forward to the future. It’s not for me to tell anyone how to grieve or work through their pain – I only know that listening to “Replay” makes the listener face the music.

Michael Rand

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