Cat Thompson – Be Mine

Cat Thompson – Be Mine 


 Cat Thompson’s headed for the top based on the quality of her latest single “Be Mine” and the shifts and groove she strikes her will linger with listeners long after the song finishes up. This isn’t just some one note, boring pop confection – Thompson and collaborators like producer Khaled make sure the song brings her considerable talents to bear in elevating this far past mere pop music. Instead, this is entertainment with musical substance and Thompson’s voluminous experience on both global stages opening for marquee performers and stages in her native Australian have primed her for this next significant move into the future. It’s a breathtakingly strong follow up to her previous single “All I Want” and has stellar production values presenting her talents and musical ideas in the best possible light. She’s working on her next EP currently and, after hearing this song, it isn’t a stretch to say that forthcoming release is poised to be a pivotal moment in her still growing career.  

There’s a strong sense of that throughout the entirety of “Be Mine”. Thompson sings like someone who is steadily approaching the top of her game, but never in a strident, heavy-footed away that squeezes all the life out of this performance. Instead, she exudes an effervescent and occasionally theatrical confidence that enlivens the song as a whole and sends a light jolt through listeners when they encounter her voice. She invests a lot of emotional capital in making this song work and it’s never poorly spent – as a result of her efforts, she takes what might otherwise be a relatively paint by numbers R&B influenced pop song and raises it up to another level entirely. It’s inspiring to hear the range of emotions her voice and attentiveness allows her to explore over the course of the song’s three minutes and twenty two seconds running time.  

The backing track ably supports here while still exhibiting some exceptional elements of its own. Thompson and her creative partners on the project bring us the best of both worlds when they couple a strong groove with the underlying melody that makes this song so instantly memorable. Much of the song devotes itself to electronic instruments, but the rhythm section has real meatiness despite its origins and the addition of traditional sounds balances out well against the much more modern textures. The transitions are adeptly handled and it’s especially notable how much restraint is working in this song to make it memorable for its target audience; listeners will never feel overwhelmed by the arrangement or how it uses its instruments. Cat Thompson’s “Be Mine” is the next logical step in a career that’s increasingly following an accelerated trajectory and it’s not hard to imagine that this superb single might prove to be a song that opens up many, many more doors for this knockout performer. Her previous efforts have set the stage for this particular moment and she appears ready to capitalize on everything the present and future are readying to throw her way.  


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