Davie Simmons feat. Andy Camp and Esa Lehti – Angel Lover Music 

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“Angel Music Lover” is a piece of smooth sound wave that will roll over you like a cool breeze on a summer day, wrapping it’s arms around you until you forget all your troubles. The lead work from the screenplay Finding David, it’s a melding of classical, rock, and everything in between. Let the words flow and the spirit go while remembering all that you’ve ever asked for and all that you’ve ever lost.

Davie Simmons tasks the listener with timeless questions of the power of love and how it somehow lasts forever (likely only sometimes though). To get there you have to know the real story and it begins with every lost musical dream of the 1960s – hopeful quests for fame and riches mixed with the all too familiar failure to achieve them. Davie Simmons and Andy Camp were in a band together during the time and, while sadly their ship never came in, the songs and dreams were stored away and the dream never truly died. It’s a tale as old as popular music itself. It’s been said that during their peak Lou Reed’s iconic band The Velvet Underground only sold 2,000 records… and every single buyer went on to form a band. They, of course, sold more through endless repackages and Lou went on to superstardom as a solo artist, but the point remains – sometimes the best songs and the best art are not appreciated in their time. But it’s a moving picture built for the silver screen and luckily Davie Simmons and Andy Camp did not forget. Sourced from the treasure that is Davie Simmons vintage 1960’s poetry, a musical was designed which will tell a tale of everlasting love not to be missed.

Finding David is filled with the lost treasures of David and Andy, 45 years in the making to jump from the unknown and non-extant and into the physical world. To get there, the composers became producers and reconnected with Esa Lehti, friend and guitar player from their younger days.. Teenage compositions had to be completed and brought into the modern age, which set the stage for an epic screenplay written by David and Andy, Finding David. To introduce this to the world, the newly formed project did what comes naturally when you want to introduce music in the year 2018 – a music video was made! Racing through the timeless themes of age, youth, love and regret, the producers tell us that they are pitted against each other in “action intervals” of sight and sound, and this is the lead theme of “Angel Music Lover” alone.

Lyrical themes are created such as wondering how love can possibly last for 20 years, yet also pondering whether the affection of the Lover was for the singer or the work itself. And all is not perfect – there’s fears of tears and changes, and vows of never hurting the irreplaceable “Angel Music Lover”. Through a rising crescendo of piano, drum, and guitar you’ll be taken to a new experience you never stopped to realize you needed. And this preview video is just the first stop in the sure to be classic musical Finding David!

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