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To tell the story of “Depression” it can go in more directions one can even count, but Jade Massentoff gives it a new name on her single that promises to turn heads for a plethora of reasons. We aren’t living in the times where every other artist brings this much to the table on a regular basis, but here’s hoping Jade keeps doing just that. But in telling some of the story to review this magnificent single, it’s important to point out that Jade’s own sad personal life experience lends to the bigger picture on a song she belts out her own emotions on. The latter results in an explosive single almost anyone can relate to.

Jade is a pop singer with a soulful R&B voice that simply won’t quit while the song “Depression” provides the proper staging for this ultimately solid sound combination between her, the musicians and producer of the song in question. No one is without a story to tell or somehow able to lay their emotions on the table, but for all to see it’s another thing altogether and Jade does the business in every aspect on this Cory Stephenson penned song. The bigger question is will it take off where others don’t, and my prediction is it will, but that isn’t done by any way of articulate explanation.

It takes on a sensitive subject and Jade knows all about that as she puts it all on display for everyone to see without holding back one note whatsoever, in fact she adds tons of character as she goes, and the intensity just keeps increasing as the backing strings swirl around her beautiful voice. You can’t compete with such musical chemistry and masterful production and that’s written all over the song, it’s that difficult to find any flaws about it or the artist, Jade Massentoff, who should be more well-known and hopefully will be.

“Depression” can be whatever you make of it, but Jade’s interpretation of the lyrics can be found in her own story about her own brother who was very protective of her growing up. Jade has expressed some details about that including revealing that she found her brother hours after taking the whole bottle of his depression meds, only to lose his life days later. It’s very telling of how the song can bring out a tear in anyone because it can remind you of just about any depressing memory or situation of our own, and it makes a powerful statement of that nature.

The cover image for the single has a girl sitting on the ground with her head in her hands, and that’s very descriptive of the title but it’s just a selling point while the lyrics are a much bigger talking point to get the word out about such a gorgeous tune and likewise artist. It’s all about the balance of depression and how it can win or lose over the soul, depending on who else is involved, and that’s just some of the many ways to describe this unbridled release.

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