Jose Holguin and Luis Carlos Toro release LP


There are some things that only music is capable of describing, and much like love, loss and togetherness, spirituality is a subject that can be hard to define using human linguistics. To be able to express the feeling of being intimately self-aware and committed to a purpose in life is next to impossible for most of us, but for Jose Holguin and Luis Carlos Toro, all it takes is a couple of microphones, a piano, drums and a lot of emotional dedication to make it clear how devoted to the ethereal unknown they really are.  Their new song “Eres Mi Fuerza” is capturing the hearts of the contemporary Christian music (CCM) community, and judging from the momentum it’s gathered so far, it could easily become the most talked about gospel song of the decade.

“Eres Mi Fuerza” has an atmospheric groove that you wouldn’t normally associate with Latin music, but what it lacks in conciseness it makes up for in cutting nimbleness, utilizing the space it creates to make its message larger than life. This is power balladry at its most angular and removed; not only are we experiencing the emotion of the song through its lyrics, but through its music as well. Trying to resist its affectionate hook becomes pointless after the first couple of verses, as Holguin and Toro take turns striking colorful rhythm into our souls.

I took seven years of Spanish, and though I like to consider myself somewhat adept in its interpretation, I’ll probably never have the command over the romantic edge of the language in the way that Holguin and Toro do. They echo the rigidity of the Columbian landscape and export the country’s most beautiful cultural accents in this song, which live up to the pedigree of the Latin gospel genre excellently. You’d have to have a stone cold heart not to enjoy the exotic bend of their melody, which imprints its opulence into our minds after a single listen of “Eres Mi Fuerza.”

It doesn’t take a post-doctoral education in fine arts to know that this single is unadulterated audio gold, and I think that there’s a strong chance that a lot of fans who aren’t aware of the Columbian pop scene are going to be quite curious to explore its expansive roster following the release of this song. Jose Holguin isn’t the only beacon of light to emerge from this part of the world in the 2010s, but he certainly is one of the very best and brightest that I’ve reviewed in the last couple of years.

The mere notion that Jose Holguin and Luis Carlos Toro could perhaps treat us to an entire LP full of songs of this caliber is enough for me to demand they get together for another recording session in the near future, and my gut tells me that I’m not the only one who is eagerly anticipating their next collaboration. “Eres Mi Fuerza” is a glimpse into what can happen when these two musical geniuses share a studio together, and for me this single just isn’t enough. They bring more talent and songcraft to the table than anyone else in the game right now, and to call their work anything less than incredible would be criminal.


Michael Rand

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