Olga Ilene Schubert: “Electric”

Known by  names, Olga Perry and Olga Ilene Schubert…..according to Singer of the California Rebel Psyche Band Revolushn NO Mansfield (aka Frank Schubert: musician and mad scientist), and husband of Olga, she is lovingly referred to as “Bundles.” Olga has had a prolific career that has including working as a chemical engineer, MD, Ph.D, a classically trained pianist, an artistic painter and sculptor, the keyboardist for the band and she created all the bands videos. 

Having created the video for Revolushn’s new hit single “Electric” which features Scott Page, sax player from Pink Floyd, I decided to get her spin on what the song is about and why it’s perfect for our new social climate. As in prior conversations with Bundles what began as a wish for insight into the band’s music wound up becoming a love story…..

“Electric,” released in April, evokes the very quiescence of attitude and rebellion towards a society about to become artificial. The video reflects an opulent burst of color, playfully splattered throughout the dazzling destiny of a live concert. It features a homeless man lying on a bench, a little girl growing up in a matter of seconds, a defective robot, 5G’s, and human chips embedded beneath our skin….. Are we all destined to become robots? “Electric is a radical wake-up call to humanity, and everyone needs to listen and wake up!

How did you learn how to do these magnificent videos?

I took some classes for script writing, different editing programs and graphic design. The best part of it is you take the course online. You don’t have to go anywhere. You just sign up for classes twice a week during few months. It’s a lot of work, but you don’t have to take a lot of other courses like history, or science etc. You just take the class you want. I liked doing it. I used to be sculptor. I was a pretty good sculptor. My teacher was upset when I quit, but for me it was too easy. It was also too slow. You spend a year or two on a project and by the time you’re done you don’t even remember why did I sculpt it because to that point my mind are somewhere else. I wanted to learn painting. A 3-D in bronze is limited, but a painting is not. When I learned what I needed to learn as a painter, I realized that also was too slow and I went on to learn video. My style in sculpture, painting and video is  the same.

27214549 – silhouette of free man. conceptual composition.

Aside from the homeless man, what other ideas did No have regarding the video?

He asked me to put a little girl in the movie. He wanted a girl that was growing fast and smarter than him. That was enough to start. My fantasy just needs a spark and it goes free and easy after that. There are a lot of little things behind creating a video that nobody sees. 

You had Pink Floyd’s Scott Page featured on the song too, how did he figure into the video?

The saxophone part was really good with Scott. I decided for the saxophone solo I was going to write a special part. 

So, from your point of view what is the song about?

The homeless man on the bench went to sleep, he had a dream, he woke up, he goes away, and then he sees the defective robot sitting on the bench. His dream is filled with weird psychedelic events. The song is against 5G, the fake pandemic situation, chips in the brain of world population and so on. It’s against all the fears and rumors. Lets say they got a glitch in the chip and then what?  Are we all going to be defective robots sitting on a fucking bench? Anything can happen. We are depending on electricity for everything we use. Imagine if we woke up tomorrow and electricity was gone. And we don’t really know what electricity is. We don’t really know the source of it. Imagine we wake up one day and there is no electricity, we’re all going to die….And then we created some God and we domesticated that God. All religions praise they own God. Which one is real? Pay the gold and your sins are forgiven, go make more sins, if you pay a lot to the church you might end up in Heaven, right.  We said, “God is watching us.” “He knows everything, He works for us.” If God exists, he doesn’t care and he doesn’t know we exist. He doesn’t give a shit about us because the universe is so big and in comparison we are nothing. We domesticated that God, we built houses of worship, light candles for him, we pray to him…. but we cannot domesticate God! He doesn’t work for humanity.

I guess it’s pretty arrogant of us humans to think God works for us. Do you believe in God?

I don’t believe in the religion of God. I am suspicious of Darwinian evolution also. Any mutation does not create a new genetic code. Mutation does not bring new information; it changes what was already there. From ameba to the elephant? Come on! Where are the billion of other trials on evolution?  The next one is the big bang theory – singular event proved by nothing.  It was nothing, just chemicals and gases and suddenly life appeared! All above are the great theories, I am just curious how many there will be in the next thousand years. And look at science, “All for people” – mass distruction weapons and better and better Iphones every year, defective toys, and some fucking chip they are going to plant in our head. We are still slaves and we don’t see it. We are working like slaves and when we make the money we use that money to buy the toys that we create for that money. Our food is full of GMO products, hormones, antibiotics, soy, artificial taste enhancers, fast sugars. We have synthetic clothing; we live in synthetic houses full of toxins in every material we use. Big Pharma is a joke, and the medicine is black…..not white. We have to pay to just stay alive! Is medicine only for rich people? 

Then we should not call it medical care. We should call it medical don’t care. Case in point, check out how many people annually die from prescription drugs, prescription opioid addiction and over dose. We are talking corona epidemic….. fuck you!! Look how many people died from suicide these three months. Suicide rates went up. People scream pandemic, are you crazy? I had COVID-19. I am a doctor and I know what it is. It’s just a viral pneumonia. It is just another seasonal virus. It happens every year. In general the mortality rate is not higher this year, 

What was your COVID 19 experience?

Nobody got sick from me. Nobody! I was sick for two months and I didn’t know it because I had not read about that corona. I was in contact with all of my friends, all of my family. I was going to the gym…nobody got sick. My husband didn’t get sick. He would come in to my bed every morning to kiss me hello as I coughed. It’s insane what they’ve done, they have fucking scared everybody. Everybody believes that, even my husband. He saw me sick and white and coughing, but I wasn’t scared. I was in bed watching movies. I was just coughing and that’s all.

So you didn’t feel that sick?

No, I was real sick. I couldn’t sleep because I was coughing and coughing, but pretty much I didn’t take anything. I’m a doctor….I’m not a kindergarten teacher. I was out of the country for one month in Asia. I came back January 21, 2020.  For 10 days I was normal. I remember February 1st I went hiking in the mountains and when I came back I collapsed with fever much higher than normal. Two days later I couldn’t breathe. When I examined myself, I realized I had water in my lungs. I couldn’t understand why I had pneumonia. It took around four or five days to feel better but until then I had to stay in bed because I was so weak. It was from lack of oxygen. 

You didn’t feel the need to go to the hospital?

What kind of doctor would I be? I was in the medical school for 12 years and treated hundreds of cases of pneumonia. What kind of doctor would I be going to go to a strange doctor and having machinery put down my throat. What they are doing with ventilators is wrong.  They put you on ventilation and they give you pills to suppress the cough…..but you have to stimulate that cough. So, most of the day I was in bed watching movies. It was scary for my husband though. 

He said he was scared and thought you were going to die.

Look, when I cut my finger and bleed he thinks I’m going to die too. He is a man who loves me. 

So as usual we come back to the love story of the ages….

I love him too. When I married him I was very cynical, sarcastic, competitive workaholic.  He made me soft and cheerful and loving. He introduced me to the art, he is my biggest fan and supporter. 

I love your story.

Yeah, I love my story too. When I met my husband it was like being reborn. In my country Russia you can’t be a weak woman because everybody would fuck you. Literally and otherwise. We grew up with competition and nationalism. I love America because you guys accept everybody, but in Russia just because I was a woman I was discriminated against. I was told if you were born as a woman you are stupid. I’ve never been discriminated against in this country. People are much more cheerful here, and I love this country. 

Your story always reverts back to a love story…..so you came from Russia with a young daughter, nothing in your pocket, not knowing a soul and not speaking a word of English….then you met No..?

I met my husband and then 2 months later I proposed to him. I put him in a corner, he couldn’t say no. I told him if it doesn’t work out, we will divorce and I will pay for the divorce. I already had a house, I was a citizen and I was making good money. He was a musician playing guitar and smoking pot. He had a house and money too. I explained to him that he has nothing to lose. I asked him if he liked me and he said “yeah” so I said “let’s get married.” 

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