“Love Is Free: The Writer’s Tale” (single) by David Arn

“Love Is Free: The Writer’s Tale” is one of many singles featuring a promo video from his third album, entitled; Traveler Tales. The album which is about fourteen travelers, each relating their situation through song, and this one falls thirteenth on the album, but the singles jump around with videos to go with all of them, so far. The effort to hear this song and watch the video have admittedly come with an enormously satisfying amount of other songs and video behind it, including from the past two David Arn albums. The songwriting is outstanding, the musicianship is impeccable as well as the arranging, production, and mastering.

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Abbey Road Studios is where Traveler Tales was mastered by their award-winning engineer, Alex Wharton (The Pixies and many others), so it is no wonder it sounds as vibrantly captured as it does. “Love Is Free: The Writer’s Tale” exemplifies the talents of many involved, including band mates who turn in equally. But that is also the case completely across the board, as the rest of the songs go. It would be hard to just rate this one track without the context in which it comes, as the album can’t feature one song without the next.

The track and accompanying video are without flaw, for each one complete the package for one another, and that is not always the case. But David Arn is more than the average artist and his videos come out as strong as the words and music they are put to. First of-all, you get this mesmerizing vocal with lazy guitar lines, and a storyline where it comes into the album track list and sounds as good on the album as it does a single. This is one great track with so many things to offer throws off one minute and brings you back the next.

David Arn knows how to put together a song and a band, and an album too. This album is more than the average work of art, so each song holds its own valuable weight, and “Love Is Free: The Writer’s Tale” is no exception. For a threaded album of fourteen songs, each one shines just as bright as the last, as do the killer vocals and superb instrumentation. The crooners of the past would all be proud to know that compliments are paid by way of the David Arn’s of the world with songs like this.

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If you get the opportunity to listen to the music of “Love Is Free: The Writer’s Tale” before seeing the video, you’ll be more inclined to enjoy it after already knowing the song to visually align with it. But once that is out of the way, it is a video you can watch time and again, which I did. The colorful outdoor footage is striking and the performance by Russian dancer, Nastya Memphis, is the absolute deal maker for this promo video. The song is great, but make sure to hear the whole album because it is just one piece of a much bigger puzzle.       

Michael Rand

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