Mike DeFoy Drops 2 New Singles

Churning out hits is nothing new for Chicago’s Mike DeFoy. His latest offerings, “Glass Houses” and “Poison Kiss” prove once again his songs tip the scales of rock and roll justice in his favor. Topped off with anthemic vocals, DeFoy is positioning himself to be more than just the founder of Chicago’s Sky Pilot Rock and Roll Band, but a solo artist with the ammo to really take on the rock world. “Glass Houses” and “Poison Kiss” are reflections from an artist with much more to say, even if he lets the guitar do most of talking.

In “Glass Houses” I will do as I please, DeFoy sings. He sings over a close-knit electric guitar and drum kit. The riveting percussion feeds into the bass guitar, and vice versa. DeFoy’s cadence is laid back, he’s not melting faces in this track, but his guitar really eludes to a feeling of nostalgia. This track reminds me of a contemplative state – one where you sort of re-evaluate the folks in your life. Tell me when I’m young, tell me when I’m old, DeFoy sings. I think what he’s trying to say is that you can tell me things at any age – and I’m going to do with my life how I choose. The flow in “Glass Houses” has the real feeling of freedom. It’s getting in your car and starting a new life, or a sense of pride in your own decision making. We (we’re), caught inside, will find a way and bring the walls of their glass houses down, down, down, he sings. The drums shatter, like glass, and it makes for a really cool ending.

The next song, “Poison Kiss” has an entirely different subject and vibe. DeFoy’s vocals have a meatier taste on their bones. He sings with more angst. You made it clear that I never was your man…tonight I miss your poison kiss, and I just want you to know, but you’re mine, you’re mine, you’re mine, and I should never let you go, now, I don’t even want you, DeFoy sings. The guitar sends out beady-signals, like an angry S.O.S. The drums aren’t as feverish in this track, compared to “Glass Houses”. They still bring the heat. This song has different textures, a darker sound. It fits perfectly into the narrative and the cheating DeFoy sings about his woman. She’s a real piece of work, but he gets his best revenge with a song that rocks.

DeFoy is a fresh voice, a modern rocker who can spin his words in the right direction. While these tracks don’t have him belting out the vocals, he stays within his perfect pitch. I think he could easily carry an entire night of high energy rock anthems at a concert near you. He has the goods. “Glass Houses” and “Poison Kiss” are both standout tracks. DeFoy plans to release more songs from his (yet to be named) album soon. Be on the lookout – the album is sure to please fans of pop rock, blues rock and alternative rock.

Michael Rand

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