Maurice “The Wall” (SINGLE)

Maurice’s first nationally released single, “The Wall” will have folks talking. Out now, “The Wall” blurs no lines between romanticism and in Maurice’s words getting ‘freaky’. All kidding aside, it’s a song that kisses and tells and the gymnastics happening on the bed sheets flip to another room in the house. On top of everything, Maurice’s swaggering voice tantalizes the listener, remnants of soul music’s top vocalists merge. The guy is a naturally gifted singer.

Lyrically, Maurice doesn’t play any guessing games with his listener. You know right away he’s in the mood for sex with his date, and he wants to explore their relationship against the wall. Let’s have sex on the wall, I just want to see if you can take it, he sings. Girl you feel so good to me, he continues. While he doesn’t rap in this track, Maurice does have that skillset in his repertoire. A former DJ, he gathered quickly that his audiences were open to his original music and while gigging in Detroit (his hometown), his confidence grew. He hasn’t looked back since, working his original tracks. A cooling rhythm, a cobalt dark blue mood is set. Maurice’s song is made for the night, and the darkness creates even more exhibitionistic growls. If you’re not hot and bothered, even a tad, then you’re not listening to the words. Maurice knows his way around the microphone, just as he knows the way, well you know. Nice and slow, the song creeps its way through the listener’s head. Holding on, and on, and on, Maurice maneuvers his way into the listener’s heart. I found myself rooting for this couple and picturing this song as a movie scene.


Maurice’s ode to his woman is not going to be everyone’s cup of tea. As the world grips with changing attitudes towards women, I would be remiss not mentioning this to listeners. If you’re still reading, you’re probably already understanding that this song is not rated PG. I’m all about Maurice’s freedom of expression, and strangely enough, I think he does it in a classy way in “The Wall”, but this song might rub some listeners the wrong way. It’s worth listening all the way through, and I really don’t think Maurice is going for the shock award. He’s expressing his feelings in song – how is that wrong?

What’s the verdict? Maurice has a great voice, and he can really move the song along. This song has real sexcapade adventure, and it’s not the Rick James take me to funky town, but it’s in the wheelhouse of a James, Prince or Marvin Gaye song. “The Wall” is actually a really fun song and did I mention that Maurice has a great voice? I will do it again. He has an outstanding voice. This song takes a few listens, yes, but once he has you, Maurice’s voice holds you tightly. I can see this song being played many of nights from men to their female lovers, in hopes, of spicing things up.

Michael Rand

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