Exclusive Interview with Phoebe Silva

Great to have you here.  Please tell us about yourself and your latest endeavor!

I’m a singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and visual artist. I have a new single coming out October 2nd called “Everything Comes With a Price” that’s a folk song with a retro jazzy pop twist. It was produced by my good friend Bryan Dedlow, who’s an amazing musician and hip-hop/indie producer. I’ve created a super cool mixed media music video for it as well, that combines 2 dimensional stop-motion collage animation and live video. I’m in a major DIY lo-fi vibe right now. I also love being able to combine my work as a visual artist and designer with my music. 

Early riser or 2am just getting to bed? 

Night owl for life. I go to bed a little better these days since I do have to get up early to teach some days – I teach music lessons to pay the bills – but if I had it my way I would never have to get up before 10am. I like the middle of the night quiet. I can focus better. During the day I pick up too many psychic vibes and it is really hard for me to focus.

Everyone loves a winner.  What do you think it takes to be one? 

I believe we’re only in competition with ourselves. I have no desire to “win” at life or society or whatever. I like to lift everyone up equally including myself. That being said, my standards for myself are stupid high, though I’m learning to relax and give myself a break from time to time. I hold myself to high expectations. It used to be easier for me to show up to meet others’ expectations, now I’ve learned that I must be in service to my own soul first and foremost. In that way I’m of the most use to the world at large. So in order to “win”, I must to hold my needs in high esteem and make sure they’re met first. In that way I’m able to see what I most have to offer the world and exert my energy in accordance. 

How has ART changed your life? 

Art IS my life. It always has been. It was violin and acting and performing previously, I’ve always made things with my hands. Once I started writing songs, I was finally able to discover my real self, not the versions of me I thought others wanted or needed me to be. I didn’t fully know who I was or what mattered to me until I started writing my own music. Everything changed after I embarked on that process. I began to feel truly empowered for the first time in my life. Creating is like breathing for me. It’s therapy, it’s church, it’s home, it’s my absolute reason for being.

Please share your FACEBOOK link.  Thank you. 

FACEBOOK: Facebook.com/phoebesilvamusic 

End of Interview

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