Clayton Morgan drops new Single

Clayton Morgan drops new Single


“Taste For Love” the newest track from Detroit’s Clayton Morgan has all the makings of a great, modern pop song. The memorable music bed and infectious hook are on target for it becoming a break out hit for the son of a musician.

Morgan, who’s father Eddie Daniels co-founded the vocal group, The Four Sonics (“It Takes Two” and “You Don’t Have To Say You Love Me”) keeps the listener moving and grooving in the just over four-minute spectacle. It’s sensual. It’s fun. It’s got a great beat.

I think where Morgan stands out from the very crowded indie music scene, is his vocal delivery. You can hear the breaths between measures on the song. I really think by keeping that in the production, you get a sense that not only is he giving it his all, he’s playing up to the theme of the song. He’s also vulnerable and willing to put it all out on the line. There are not many artists that would keep that in the finished production. He’s still polished enough where the production value holds incredible sweat equity, but still Morgan’s artistry is sometimes felt between the lines.

I remember thinking at one point about the hours and hours it probably took Morgan to get this song ‘just right.’ The way he starts the song in a hum, and ends the song in a similar hum is amazing. It’s the little things that made this song stand out and you can tell his takes an immense amount of pride in his passion.

When he sings words like “you’re my tasteful dish” you laugh a little, but it’s not like he’s claiming to be the next Henry David Thoreau. He’s entertaining and there’s a charm that Morgan exudes. He’s a bit cheesy, but it’s all cool. What he lacks in sophistication, he makes up for in moxie. I liked how he word-played with ‘dish.’ I was reminded of Prince, The Jacksons, Whitney Houston, Usher (especially the song “Nice & Slow”)  and even Bell Biv Devoe while listening to “Taste For Love.”

After a few listens, I thought that maybe the song was a bit too long. Maybe just a bit. I wish there was more depth to the orchestration, but again, as you listen more, and get into the groove, you forget these things. Morgan’s personality shines through, and you find yourself engaging into his every word. He’s a natural crooner! His voice has such natural empathy and sonic sultriness. And, as mentioned before, the chorus or hook to this song is inescapable. It will linger with you for days. No, seriously, it will.

Overall, kudos to Clayton Morgan and his great song “Taste For Love.” It’s a great song to bite into for an introduction to Morgan’s music. It’s also a great track to add to any music collection regardless of genre. Let me remind you, the chorus is infectious. I’m not sure how this song would come across live, but I’m already imagining how passionate and entertaining Clayton Morgan would be on a stage of any size. I’m positive the audience would be in for a real treat and singing along for days.


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