Ryan Chernin releases new LP

Ryan Chernin releases new LP

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You Know Who You Are, the new release from Ryan Chernin with a few already released videos, is a hot title with an assortment of great tracks and reasons to hear them. Chernin is from NY and brings with him an Indie Rock attitude and soul to his music that blasts the senses in every good way imaginable from folk and Americana stylings to Alternative Rock with plenty of radio-friendly Pop sensibility when it’s not being understandably explicit, which is mostly found on the first half of the record, starting with the opening sounds of “Accessories” which is an otherwise all-out stomper in-its own right.

The album moves on and on at every turn, starting with “The Song Song” with its tremendous walking bassline and soothing vocals, not to mention the spacy backing track which pulsates from start to finish. Out of the explicit tracks this is probably the least notable, but most called for in the context of the songs. It’s a great tune that falls neither the best nor the worst song on the record. The pace picks up on “Look Right” with a much more Pop laden track, coming off at first like a step backward from the former, but it turns out to be one of the most current spots on the album to its credit.

“Face Time” also comes close to that same position, if somewhat less of an overall polished finish but nevertheless satisfying for the most part. But the track list starts to get deeper on “The Ballad Of Bo(The Stormchaser), which is a sneaky little track that you can’t get out of your head once you hear it. The narrative pace in which Chernin sings, comes out best on this track but it’s not the only one with that going on, it just comes on the strongest here. A certain majesty takes over and you can’t quite analyze it you can only enjoy it. The whole album plays that way like a rollercoaster of melodies.

“Dangerous Game(feat. Evelyn Horan)” marks another change in the tempo, groove and pace of the album with one of several highlight tracks to come before it’s all over. The chorus on this track wins over most of them and the guitars do the rest on one of more well composed tracks. It comes before a big Bowie influenced can be sensed on “Ash Tray Kisses” with its influences very well felt on another top shelf song of which a video also exists that is worth seeing as much as the song is worth hearing and goes perfectly with the following mellow track “Recast” which about taking off your wheels.

“Locomotion” is another Americana influenced track, even if it’s somehow a great deal traditional sounding. The consensus is that it’s another magnificent song to add to the playlist, as is “Quasi” with its big ballad prowess to contrast everything on the album and surprise a few ears and the same efforts for different reasons can be assessed on the formerly released “Drought(feat. Bekon)” with its epic points and the long playing closing opus “Sweetie(feat. Evelyn Horan & Bekon).” All of which impress with the likes of the best around.

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