The Valiant One – “I Know You Know”

The word valiant means “possessing or showing courage or determination”. It’s the ideal name for the Christian rapper and songwriter The Valiant One. I’m not just throwing around compliments to fill space on a screen – nor does The Valiant One crowd his track “I Know You Know” with run-of-the-mill rhythm and beat. His song is exceptional and The Valiant One has merit to boast. Something tells me, though, The Valiant One is also equally humble.


The Valiant One’s tenor is hearty. He has a strong current. He accesses a part in his soul that overshadows the conflicting music bed. The piano keys cascade, like the sun rays’ coming through sunset clouds. The shards of light bend and float, like the ebb and flow the electrical beats trying to compound themselves over these same keys does. The Valiant One rises above in each stanza. His swift approach in delivering the lyrics is nearly addicting. The cadence is thrilling. His speed is wow factor level. The Valiant One is not Tech N9ne speed, but he’s pretty quick. I don’t honestly think fans of Tech N9ne would like this particular track. Still, a part of me is so convinced by The Valiant One’s virtuosity that it’s worth the gamble. What is there to lose, fans of Tech? You might really like it. You never know, unless you try, I say to these listeners.

It speaks to his character to hear lines like I can’t let that go, when he’s rapping about his faith. He sings the chorus, I know you know how much I really love you, Jesus, don’t act like you don’t know. His voice is straight out of the church. He could easily be a soloist. Dare I say it, but even if he had used a full choir on the backing chorus, I’m not sure it would be as impactful as his lone voice. I found myself grooving to the beat, matching my shoulders and moving my head much the same way The Valiant ones rap. I personally didn’t find it to be a religious-like experience, however, I do think that Christian music fans might feel quite differently.


The man behind The Valiant One name is Terry Wilburt. His press materials don’t reveal his home base, only that he’s American. “I Know You Know” if from the 17-track album

The Resistance of God: Season Of A King (Christ Life Records). Wilburt does share that he’s experienced many closed doors in his 17-year music career. It’s more than a hobby for him and he has over 1,000 songs under his belt. Maybe I’m a sucker for the underdog and always on the lookout for the artist that has a real story to their name, but “I Know You Know” and The Valiant One really rose to the top for me. You can tell he’s a fighter and he’s not giving up. I don’t think listeners will give up on him either. His determination is contagious. “I Know You Know” is already one of 2021 more surprising hits.

Michael Rand

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