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caroline is feeling her own power in her new single “Do You Think That I’m A Fool?” The song triumphantly tells everyone she doesn’t care about their opinions, and also tells her inner saboteur to back off. The song seems very upbeat on the surface, but it chronicles caroline’s personal struggle with anorexia and finding her footing again. But regardless of whether you want to feel your feelings or just listen to something fun, “Do You Think That I’m A Fool?” fits the bill. It’s vulnerable, but it’s also a catchy pop tune. caroline’s voice is beautiful and strong, easily gliding through the lyrics. 


The official music video for “Do You Think That I’m A Fool?” is clearly homemade, but there’s something charming about that. It makes the song feel more like a journal entry or a personal struggle a friend is sharing with you. It tells the world “Hey! I’m ready to be seen again!” It’s difficult putting yourself out there, especially when you struggle with body image. The idea of everyone looking at you and judging you makes you feel extra sick. By making a little video to go with the song, caroline is showing all people who feel afraid to venture out again after beating their disorders that it’s okay, the world isn’t as terrifying or cruel as it seems. It makes her seem more genuine and it adds an extra thread of connection between her and her current (and future) fans.

caroline wants her music to be inclusive and to make people feel hopeful. “Do You Think That I’m A Fool?” definitely seems to fit into that vision. While there are a million songs telling others that they don’t care about their opinions, this one is pretty relatable. Especially the angle of telling the voices in your head to shut it. Almost everyone has doubted themselves or been depressed or struggled with how they were perceived. By opening up about her own experiences with these things and pouring it into her music, caroline has successfully created music that almost anyone could relate to and enjoy. And the buoyant tempo keeps it from becoming too melancholy, keeping it lifted and light.

caroline hopes in the future she can “put out as many songs as she can.” She already has a large fanbase on social media, and a healthy Spotify following. A single from last year, “Already There,” went viral on Tik Tok and is gaining more and more momentum to this day. “Do You Think That I’m A Fool?” was produced by BMI songwriter/producer Dan Brook, who has worked with Selena Gomez, Demi Lavato, Britney Spears, and others. It would appear she’s on the verge of a breakthrough. She’s young, so she has more than enough time to find her footing and her sound. She already has a ton of authenticity and reliability, which are things that can’t be learned. You can hear the passion in her voice when she sings, and I think we are going to be hearing a lot more of caroline in the near future.

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