“Baby Goodbye” from rocker AV Super Sunshine

An irresistible guitar riff and swank vocals are just a few things to brag about in the new song “Baby Goodbye” from rocker AV Super Sunshine. Known for retro accoutrements and venerable grooves, AV Super Sunshine has been rocking audiences with worldwide attention with his unique blend of rock, power pop and EDM tracks. AV Super Sunshine is based in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin. Joining AV Super Sunshine on “Baby Goodbye” is the talented backup vocalist Ruby Amanfu and much sought after drummer, Brad Pemberton.

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AV Super Sunshine always looks on the bright side of things and “Baby Goodbye” follows a slew of his songs that prove the glass is always half full. “Smile” came out in early April this year, and previous songs like “Alien Abductions” from 2019’s Candyland Vol. 1, have exceptional momentum and clinging guitar riffs. There’s always a bright, sun kissed sheen on AV Super Sunshine tracks. The purity in “Baby Goodbye” is like what analog can provide – with a hint of the needle hitting the vinyl. AV Super Sunshine, on lead guitar, cranks out strong shapes. His riffs are bulky, clunky, but bright. Against the smooth stylings of Amanfu, a Ghana-born, Nashville-based vocalist and songwriter herself, adds even more texturing and love to the sonic architecture. It’s a nice ebb and flow, these two, and they are on similar paths to create this joyous sound.

That’s just one facet – the guitar also embodies the 70s rock soul that’s synonymous with T Rex or Roxy Music. I think AV Super Sunshine has a little bit of makings of Sweet melting into their brains, too. “Baby Goodbye” tells the story of something do on a normal day – with going to the coffee shop one of the key places. Let’s go downtown to the coffee shop, let’s go, we’ll drink a lot, AV Super Sunshine sings confidently and kindly. I think there’s a bit more to this song though, and one has to wonder if the inference is drugs. It’s cool, I’m hip. The organ playing and the psychedelic tones are foggy and mesmerizing like a kaleidoscope. Maybe the coffee shop is the same place where Alice is having a tea party, and you fall down the rabbit hole. Either way, I’m game. This song takes you on an emotional journey of pure fun and rocks hard enough that you get to sweating. AV Super Sunshine’s vocals are soothing and he sounds like he’s been singing in the studio long enough to have a bit of a scarring on his vocal chords. He’s a bit of an outcast and he uses that to his advantage. It gives the song yet another layer or coolness.

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Pemberton, who has worked with Ryan Adams, Steve Earle & The Dukes and more, is the perfect drummer for this song. His tempo and instincts are spot on with House’s guitar playing. His pop leanings send the song a bit into the radio friendly side, but still maintains its street, bluesy arrangement credit. Overall, “Baby Goodbye” is ear candy for the summer sweet tooth. This band is too fun.

Michael Rand

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