“Light of the World” by Vineet Singh Hukmani

“Light of the World”, Vineet Singh Hukmani’s new single, may have an inspirational slant, but it’s never preachy. The positivity heard throughout its lyrical content likewise never comes across as chintzy or as if Vineet views the world through rose-colored glasses. It sounds authentic at every turn and the production strengthens its appeal with its wide open sound, warmth, and near-flawless clarity.

It’s all the more remarkable considering the furious creative pace Vineet has set for himself over the last 2 plus years. The Indian born musical artist has over nine #1 singles to his credit since the dawn of the COVID-19 pandemic and it’s no stretch to say that much of that success has to do with his courage to put himself “out there” during such a tumultuous time. If he’s willing to embrace industry at this level, it gives his listeners hope that, yes, life will go on.

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Perhaps it’s fueled, at least in part, by the generalized yet quite real belief in a better tomorrow we hear in this song. This kind of message can get overwrought very quickly but, in Vineet’s hands, listeners aren’t ever subjected to the sort of Hallmark card or overly preachy nonsense other musical acts may try to peddle. It makes it easier to buy into the song’s premise and his talents for expressing it further smooth the way for this outstanding performer.

Vineet’s growing fanbase will hear how he continues to sound more and more confident each time out. He adopts a different vocal approach here than he has with many of his other songs. It’s a smashing success. It’s little wonder why “Light of the World” has been received with open arms by scores of mainstream radio stations, already hitting #1 on Apple Music in several countries, and trending on Shazam.

Everyone loves a good melody. Vineet has many musical talents and melody rates high among them – “Light of the World” often soars thanks to its sing-along feel. Keeping the instrumentation stripped down is essential to the song’s success as well. It’s another illustration of how there are few places where Vineet will not go as a singer and songwriter if his imagination feels the need to answer its call.

It’s taken him into especially memorable territory this time out. “Light of the World” has every chance of expanding Vineet’s already significant audience and it’s coming under the best possible terms. He’s one of the best examples of how a talented and motivated artist can get their message out in a day and age when music seems more meaningless than ever before. He’s kept the faith when many others have long since fled.

The song’s video reinforces such emotions. He’s built a great accompanying clip for the song that accentuates its effects without ever trying to upstage the track. It’s another example of the well-rounded work Vineet brings to the table each time out. Vineet’s “Light of the World” is another in a growing line of triumphs for this artist. 

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