Elvira Kalnik drops new single

Elvira Kalnik drops new single

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The pulsating energy of the night drives anyone to the dancefloor to cut loose. As humans, we all feel the same passion, the same heat, when a great song with a killer beat comes on the stereo, and trying to resist the urge to shake and move to it rhythm is only futile; our primitive desire to connect with each other through the quake of collective movement, dancing, is unstoppable. Anyone who is under the impression that dance music only serves the singular purpose of getting people into a bar to spend money, get drunk and listen to regenerated beats from the last decade be condensed into a funnel of amplified white noise has probably never experienced the passion and energy of a truly captivating EDM performance; the kind that artists like Elvira Kalnik are only able of producing.

Kalnik and her contemporaries don’t put a lot of stock into what sells drinks or separates consumers from their wallets. Instead, all that matters is the music and the atmosphere that it creates, as she so amazingly demonstrates in her new single “Just Dance With It,” from her upcoming extended play Magical Child. Although her sound recalls certain fabled names and styles of the EDM of yesteryear, her sound in completely and exclusively her own, refusing to lean on the accomplishments of others in favor of its own success. Kalnik strikes me as the kind of artist who has so much to say on her own that being derivative is probably something that never crossed her mind.

Smart pop, as my fellow critics have decided to call it and dance music in general don’t have to be enemies, and in a lot of ways “Just Dance With It” is a well-balanced marriage of the two schools delivered in the most radio accessible format possible. Elvira Kalnik isn’t selling her brand based on some self-righteous, holier than though predicate that blends her music into all of the other aspiring, electronically minded singer/songwriters of her time, but rather a narrative that is built solely around an identity that highlights individuality, boundless creativity and an unwillingness to conform. If it sounds designed for 2018, then you’re definitely following where I’m going with this.

Elvira Kalnik, and “Just Dance With It,” represent the future of pop music, and in some respects, rock n’ roll itself, in that both genres are not going to be dominated by a sense of self-awareness but by a constructed effort to experiment and delve deeper into the endless abyss of sounds that advanced, high fidelity recording has to offer. You might as well call this generation the spiritual successor to the psychedelic 60’s, because in the same breath that Jimi Hendrix used the studio itself to add layer upon layer of texture to the majesty that would become his swan song in Electric Ladyland, artists like Kalnik are exploring even further into the wilderness that is stereo audiology. It is we, the listeners, who get to reap all of the rewards of their efforts.

Elvira Kalnik Blog: https://elvirakalnik.com/blog

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