The Norm

The Norm

The Norm billing themselves an alt-rock-hip-hop-party band, originally from South Florida, are essentially the two step-brothers Bryan and Ryan who now live in Athens, Georgia, and when performing live they bring in their musical collaborators pending the venue and/or their recording needs.


They recently won the “Road to Roo” a musical contest hosted by local independent radio station Lightning 100 which was sponsored by Miller Lite and has earned them the opportunity to play live onstage at the 2018 Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival to be held June 7- 10 in Manchester, Tennessee. The band have an assertive live onstage presence but this single clearly sounds like the band was committed to generating a “single” as opposed to writing an album track or song that they accidentally realize has the potential to popularize them outside their normal base or audience, and to ignite the airwaves. Not many musicians (OK let’s be serious very, very, very few) can sit down to write a “single” think Pharrell Williams, Katy Perry or J. Kash – everybody else should simply keep writing as much, and as many songs as they possibly can and hope that one day one or more of their compositions may strike oil! The Norm definitely have their act together, and are actively growing their audience both in the social media space and live onstage around  their hometown.


Photo Credit: Ryan Myers

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