Charlie Alpha Papa’s latest “Bora Bora”

For listeners looking for a modern “Kokomo” level hit, Charlie Alpha Papa’s latest “Bora Bora” single is twice as nice. Sounding sensual and understated, this stylish track is the perfect passport visa to venture into the California based artist’s discography. Otherwise known as, Cap, his song is from the album Part Of Me.

More often than not, Cap’s sexy mood is further bolstered by the aquatic music bed running slowly beneath his voice. Little bubbles or sprite-like sounds fizz every now and then, blending with the conga-like drum machine beats. Like satin sheets dancing from the soft winds, the music base is tempting the listener to slow dance. As the song tells of paradise and sexual escapades, the overall vibe of the music bed draws from a place of sorrow, a place of melancholy. Ambient, with twinkling chimes and an overall feeling of warmth, the music bed feeds more and more into Cap’s deep vocals.

We went to an island in French Polynesia, Cap starts out the song, already seconds into the song and he has the listener wrapped around his finger. The floating sensation and fullness of sound underneath his vocals continues; the listener feels aboard a raft or a luxurious yacht. I felt sophisticated. Take me back to Bora Bora, Cap sings in the chorus, the words just hanging for hours like the natural water in your long hair, or droplets from the ocean on the skin. If Duran Duran hadn’t filmed “Rio” back in the day, this song would be a great visual caveat just the same.


The artistic expression, overall, is very high in “Bora Bora”. Cap succeeds at being his own, sensitive self. The story is authentic and the listener embraces each of his notes and lines as if they were warming themselves in the Hyatt hotel provided plush towels. The fullness of the music bed and overall complete feeling of the song gave me goose pimples. He put in elbow grease in the studio, and it shows. EDM or house trance fans will still be impressed by the laid back style, but he creates tones and pulses that feel fresh and transportive. His instincts in the studio are tight, but the song sounds audacious and true. Gradually the story unfolds and the pleading starts to be more apparent in Cap’s voice. The listener is drawn in more and more, like the tide bringing you into the ebb and flow. It feels real – the place, the moments and Cap. The song got better on each spin, finding a new wave to ride in my mind.

Cap is also putting in the sweat equity outside the studio. He’s based in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and is a military veteran. He has also lived in Los Angeles and his mini empire has grown to include a studio, label (“Bora Bora” is from his own Capish Music label), publishing company and event acting roles. This guy doesn’t stop, well, maybe to go on vacations to Bora Bora in the French Polynesian Islands, but you get the drift. “Bora Bora” is the start of something really special.

Michael Rand

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