The Alabama duo Sugarcane Jane hits home with Latest Album

The Alabama duo Sugarcane Jane hits home with Ruffled Feathers; Songs In The Key Of Me – with a smashing Americana treat full of songs that touch on everything from self-awareness to gratitude and worldly concerns. The album was recorded, mixed, and mastered at Admiral Bean Studio in Loxley, Alabama. 10 songs by Savanna Lee and Anthony Crawford, both getting their music and words in edgewise. Most of the songs are thought provoking of the times because it was recently recording in one week, so it’s a fresh collecting of consistently good and a currently modern subjects around some fabulous country music.


“Feelings In A Song” puts it out there for all to hear without hesitation, making the point of the album clear and actually serving to get it out of the way and get on with more where it came from. You get the picture and it’s good to see it follows with every single track from front to back. “I’m Gonna Grow Me A Mind” should rings some bells just looking at the title to know where the heads of these fine musicians are at. The album sprouts wings and flies from this point south with the best of ‘em.

“Answer Of The Day” plays in the same vein of the previous cut but only gets better with every word, as it features some fun lyrics about outcome culture and what’s happening all around us, as do many of the songs on Ruffled Feathers; Songs In The Key Of Me. As where “Good Book Stories” cruises along before the dominance returns with “Waiting On Answers” getting back to doing the business about the album’s running theme. The answer could very well be “Let The Media Die” as far as Sugarcane Jane are concerned, letting the people know what’s going on with a critical viewpoint.

“Long Overdue” is one of the coolest songs on offer. I love everything about this, hook, line, and sinker it is a great song that not enough can be said about. This is one of the tracks to get the most spins from me so far, but a few others are not far behind. I just like it the most, so far, and it might stay that way it might not, but it contends with a few including the next one. “That’s What I See” with its middle of the road, almost pop laden groove.

“Wake Up America” has to also be one of the highlights of them all here, because the shouting gets more intense and the energy at this far down the track list comes as a surprise, just when you think there still might be a chance of some filler. Not a chance, every song on this album cuts it, not a doubt in my mind about that. It could even be possible that they saved the best for last, but on this one it could be debated because there are no vocals. However, what the closing track “Holy Spirit” does bring is some choice unexpected virtuosity out of nowhere to leave you with.

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