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The release of Young Saint Nick’s new single “HER” continues to show off the dual emerging talents of Nick and his musical collaborator Victor Ardene. They have attracted considerable attention already for a successful mix tape, Raised in the Studio, a reference to how Young Saint Nick coming of age thanks to his studio work, and later followed it up with another successful single entitled “Moving On” that made a major impact on 150 different musical platforms. Both men hail from the mean streets of Newmarket, Ontario, but don’t let their relatively obscure birthplace lull you into believing they can’t deliver the goods. “HER” runs about four minutes long, an impressive length for a tune in this style, but you’ll never feel they are exhausting their creative with this effort. Instead, “HER” comes off quite naturally, never forced, in part thanks to the natural confidence they display throughout the entirety of the song.

It isn’t just their natural confidence, however, that makes this tune fly for the audience. It’s the top notch production courtesy of Ardene, it’s the lyrical skills Young Saint Nick makes sound easy, and the music for “HER” is equally potent. He’s writing about every hot woman here, but never in a leering way, never pushing the envelope, but definitely rejoicing in the pleasures of the flesh. Ardene’s production style brings all of these aspects into sharp focus and, especially, gets Young Saint Nick’s personality over for both experienced hip hop fans and even a broad based community of listeners who may not even ordinarily enjoy hip hop music. There’s a layered vocal approach to this number that will be especially pleasing and the production syncs up the surrounding musical material with the kind of concentration the greatest musical talents bring to their work.

The music is a combination of keyboards and drums, but the preprogrammed way they assemble this track pops with the sort of in your face power that hints these two will be a compelling live act. The synthesizers have a bright sound and take many unexpected turns along the way but, most importantly, they link up with the vocals and drumming that strengthens every element of their take on the song. The chorus is the best part of it all. They take a surprising commercial turn during the chorus, at least for two hip hop performers, and it packs even more punch than the hard hitting verses. The song ends in a satisfying way and that is another mark of their talent – they have produced a fully realized song that doesn’t miss any of the necessary elements to make it a winning number for this young tandem. We can only hope they are more singles and even full releases soon to come and they will likely continue their exponential growth.


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