Ajay Mathur – “Real”

“Real” is here to make you think while it uplifts your spirits. The latest single from Singer/songwriter Ajay Mathur chronicles the joys of the world outside of social media and the questions that it can raise. “Real” is the exciting and sunny single off of Mathur’s fifth studio album Talking Loud. With clever and positive lyrics, Mathur joyously reminds people to rethink the magic that comes from being offline. He never instructs you to forego social media entirely, just to ask who you are outside of it. Set against a vivacious melody “Real” is as feel-good as it gets and will get you aching for the summer months. Mathur is a Swiss artist with Indian roots who is known for never adhering to any musical style. This freedom is apparent in his carefree and relaxed vocal performance, his effortless lyrics, and contagious optimism.

Mathur excels in creating a warm environment that invites you to consider yourself outside of the realm of social media. With swift and sweet melodies that seem to rise higher and higher “Real” is able to ask you layered questions without any judgement. Social media dominates most people lives and can often contribute to the idea that it is the “real world” and the one you return to the when you put your phone away is not. Mathur gently asks listeners to reconsider this outlook when he croons “You can look into my eyes/You can walk with me.” Mathur takes the route of reminding fans of life’s simple pleasures, the ones you can’t get anywhere else, not even on an app. This course of action allows Mathur’s message to come through without feeling aggressive or like he’s condemning social media, he is simply wondering if you’re really you when you’re not endlessly scrolling.

While “Real” will get you thinking about who you are outside of your social media presence, its bright melody will make want to listen to it over and over again. There’s an aura of warmth on “Real” that makes its message inviting and exalted. I found myself wanting to crawl into the spirit of “Real” and stay there until the seasons match “Real’s” sunny disposition. The melody is expertly crafted and sounds both familiar and modern at the same time, Mathur’s forte. Influences of indie surf-rock guitar riff’s and Tom Petty-esque vocals turn “Real” into a dreamy single. The combination of positive vibes and deep cut existential questions complement each other well. The warmth of “Real” makes Mathur’s performance seem more conversational, removing the potentially cutting nature of the message instantly. The sunny melody allows these wonderings on reality and who we truly are outside of social media to feel more accessible and acceptable to ponder. “Real” is a match made in heaven.

A stand out trait of “Real” is the lyrics, succinct and easy going they act as a bridge between the melody and the message. They raise several important questions we so often avoid asking ourselves. Mathur keenly displays the hot cold nature of life online with lyrics like, “Hey, seems like I have known you so long/Telling stories now, sharing memories, how we’ve been dealing with our lives” and “Hey, sometimes it seems I don’t know you at all/Faking stories now, making memories how we’re wishing, we could build our lives.” Social media can often provide a false sense of knowing someone, one day you feel like you know them and the next you feel like you don’t depending on what they post. I appreciate Mathur for reminding his listeners that self-discovery is an amazing process that can illuminate and expand ones life. Whether its the simple act of walking and talking or remembering that humans are warm blooded when you hold their hand, these are the treats that make life so magical. These are things we all know but they are also the details in our lives that can be easily taken for granted. While Mathur knows he’s real, what he really wants to know is if you are.

“Real” is a single that warmly brings are culture into perspective. Mathur reminds us that we’re all real and can offer conversation and warmth, something worth prioritizing. “Real” is able to cut to the core of who we are and offers a new outlook on how to navigate this a world that is often intangible. Ajay Mathur’s creative freedom shines in “Real,” making a single you’ll never want to shut off. It also is indicative of how balanced and joyous Talking Loud undoubtedly is. Mathur is a master of his craft, I can’t wait to hear more! Listen to “Real” and Talking Loud out now!

Michael Rand

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