Big Mother Gig (Let’s Make) Compelling Content

Big Mother Gig (Let’s Make) Compelling Content


Blending giant distortion with bright vocals and killer grooves, Big Mother Gig is not only back together but they are better than ever, which they prove on their new single “(Let’s Make) Compelling Content.” BMG doesn’t have to try hard to accomplish just that, pumping in a storm of adrenaline-laden guitars that seem to gallop across an open plain in the most awesome power rock fashion. Formed in Milwaukee in the early 90s and inspired by legendary Twin Cities punk rock bands like The Replacements and Hüsker Dü, Big Mother Gig have seen a lot of changes in the music biz since their first inception. Going on long-term hiatus in 1996, rock music experienced countless stylistic and cultural changes in the over two decades between the band’s releases. But like they never left, the band is back and refusing to shed their attitude and work ethic in their latest recordings.

A few things have changed for the guys since their return. They’ve added Micah Lopez, Mike Datz and Albert Kurniawan to the lineup, and elevated their production value to a much more contemporary pace. Like their last single, “The Great Heist,” there are pastoral vibes of the open road the reverberate in the bassline and drums, a feeling like we’re driving a 100 miles an hour down an empty highway, and the freedom is nothing short of addicting. Despite the opening lyrics of “Compelling Content,” that “We’re well past the sell date,” Big Mother Gig may be an aging rock band, but none of these riffs sound recycled from the past. If anything, new influences from mid-2000s alternative rock and garage revival have made their way into BMG’s style. We could over interpret and go beyond the introspective lyrics’ surface themes (time and the choices we make) or we could just allow the band’s positive energy to elevate us to their level.

Rock n’ roll bands have a frequent problem when it comes to staying creative. The fight to remain relevant, or even gain some relevance to begin with, is a long one. The fact that Big Mother Gig were able to walk away from each other for two decades plus and then somehow able to artistically blend together once again is a testament to the passion of these musicians and the level of respect they have for their craft. Now based out of Los Angeles, the band has started gigging again recently in California and the Lake Michigan coast once more. True working artists, their live shows have reflected just how much energy these guys still have in the tank and given longtime fans a lot to be excited about in the near future. Right now you can stream all of the band’s work on Spotify and download the new single “(Let’s Make) Compelling Content” on Amazon and everywhere that online music is sold. Visit Big Mother Gig’s official Facebook page at to get updates on live shows, new music, merchandise as well as news about the band.


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