Giadora releases “Twisted” (single)


Debuts do not come much better than this. Giadora’s “Twisted” is a song with core strengths adaptable to many styles but she chooses a tasteful and energetic EDM sound for the recording. It is her debut release and surprises me some with its thorough job of delineating her musical talents for listeners. She has a sure sense of where to place her voice illustrated throughout the whole of “Twisted” and her phrasing embodies the emotions and messages in her lyrics with dramatic but never overstated flair. You hear her sharp sense of rhythm from the first verse onward and sprinkles hard-hitting vocal passages through the track that stick in the mind, especially during the chorus.

Her pairing with Viision, UK producer and member of the pop band Five Star, is an important component in her success. “Twisted” began life as Giadora’s lyrical and musical idea but Viision lent his experience towards reshaping the material so it might experience more wide spread appeal. Transforming the track from pure singer/songwriter confessional into a muscular dance track required a higher degree of creative spark not all musical figures possess.  The rhythm section gives the song a fat pulse that everything else orbits around.

Even Giadora’s vocal. She shows maturity with her clear wont for singing with the music instead of attempting to outshine the arrangement or lead the way. The music is here for a reason, it isn’t an afterthought, and a vocalist smart enough to play to the song’s strengths will be rewarded with a greater performance. This approach likewise underlines the drama contained with her lyrics.

This song about romantic deceit and the fallout from its discovery is intense territory for interpersonal relationship songs, but framing the words with a dance track arrangement is a masterstroke for counterbalancing the subject matter. It is impossible to surmise if the song is autobiographical, but it doesn’t matter because Giadora more than fills the first rule of being a great singer in any genre – she makes you believe.

The release of “Twisted: is quite a coming out party for this young singer/songwriter and Los Angeles resident. She has played music and written her own material since childhood and hits the global stage as an advanced talent rather than a fledgling artist with enormous potential. Don’t be mistaken though – Giadora’s potential is apparent. She has the skills and songwriting scope to be a major player in the music world for years to come.

“Twisted” is the first step in a new leg of that journey. Years of wood shedding and refining her gifts prepared her for making the most of her debut moment and the next step is proving over successive releases she can sustain and build on the promise glowing in the heart of this first song. Giadora is well on her way. Tying her creative destiny in with sympathetic collaborators like the aforementioned Viision will continue serving her well and I expect each of her forthcoming singles will be good as or better than what we hear with “Twisted”.


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