“Where Have the Heroes Gone” by Ryte EyE Ty

Urging forth with a pulsating rhythm indicative of a human heartbeat when a lot is weighing on your mind, “Where Have the Heroes Gone” immediately indicates to the audience that we’re soon to be hearing something far more ambitious than the status quo in pop calls for. Ryte EyE Ty isn’t playing games with this performance – his words are direct, his melodies are chills-inducing, and his message is always quite clear. No matter whether you’re picking up the energy from his instrumental backing or the tone of his voice alone, you can’t escape his reach in this single, which is starting to feel like one of the most well-rounded performances that this player could have given us to start the spring season this month. 

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Ryte EyE Ty’s claim to fame thus far in his career has been his vocal depth, and to this end, this track follows the same lead some of his previous work has. Everything is built around his voice, and although there’s a lot to be said about the integrity of the arrangement in “Where Have the Heroes Gone,” it just wouldn’t be the same track with a different set of pipes at the helm. It can take the better part of a lifetime to develop a signature sound, but this is one element of Ryte EyE Ty’s artistry that doesn’t need any fine-tuning; to me, he’s already exactly where he needs to be (and then some, when you think about where his contemporaries are sitting at). 

Though I wouldn’t go so far as to say that this wouldn’t be as effective with a guitar part instead of the piano, there is something sensuous about the keys in this mix that makes me feel like they help to gel this composition better than anything else would have. Ryte EyE Ty’s musical direction lends itself over to a traditional balladry in this performance, and from where I sit he’s got control over the emotional output of the lyrics more so because of the instrumental detail afforded to us by the piano parts, the best of which seem to come closer to the conclusion of the track. It’s all about using the tension he’s already got in the mix, and he does so without skipping a beat – literally. 

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Rhythm and rhyme never sound quite as good when they’re being offered up from a robotic source; hence, in his latest single this player is sounding like a million bucks. There’s nothing inorganic about the performance given in this piece, but instead a lot of passion that finds itself transferred from artist to audience all too seamlessly to be born of inauthentic elements. I haven’t been following the work of Ryte EyE Ty ahead of this single dropping in 2022, but now that I get a feel for what he’s all about in “Where Have the Heroes Gone,” there’s not a doubt in my mind that I’ll be hearing more from this player as time goes on, likely on the mainstream side of the dial. 

Michael Rand

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