Under the World – Vowws

Under the World – Vowws

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Under The World, by Vowws, is the new release on Anti-Language in the US and Weyrd Son Records in Europe with a special multi-colored limited edition vinyl for Europe as well. The album comes recommended for that alone, but it always helps when the music is fantastic, as every song on the album checks out to be. At the helm with duo Matt and Rizz, was their friend and mentor, engineer Kevin S. McMahon and recorded at his studio in New Paltz, NY. And together they’ve made all thirteen songs shine in just the right light and shade called for, and the result is a maximum audio sensation.

If you like western, surf, drama and sci-fi movie influences and other classic and modern alternative rock themes, this release by the Australian, LA based duo has all that and more. Leading off with “You Never New” it gets right underway with one of the more pop-laden songs on the record. But when I say “pop” I don’t exactly mean lighthearted. It’s much more heavy-handed, but catchy enough to be classified as a pop song. There’s a difference and Vowws help make it with an edgy sound that adds a bite to their pop sensibilities. There is an art to crossing over and they have it down.

“One Or The Other” explores the many sides of Matt and Rizz with both of them getting equal time to dominate this song with the spot on vocals they weave around their droning beats and beautifully elongated melodies. The record features several tracks, and this is one of them. But they’re also very consistent in their vast variety, and that’s not an easy mix to balance but McMahon masterfully glues it together just right with the duo ultimately handling the mix. This is also done with the same precision on “Structure Of Love” with its colossal bursts of energy around an otherwise laid back western and groovy pop song with both once again turning in superior vocals.

The contagious groove continues-on “Wild Wind” with pop music meeting a darker sound but never veering too far off the beaten path. They get more into the western and folk styles on this, and the next song “Agents Of Harmony” but the latter picks up in places even more than the former. The fuzz-tone in the mid-section is a treat and might even be one of the highlights of the record. This is a song worth hearing, either way, even if you don’t rate it up there with the best songs on Under The World. I wouldn’t skip it for anything on this cinematic collection.

“Inside Out” follows and industrial sound, not unlike that of bands like Bauhaus and others from back in the day, but make no mistake, Vowws have their own sound, and this song talks about finding who they are. It’s compelling, captivating and downright addicting. So is the next song “Forget You Finery” with a more electronica meets hard rock structure on what is a very percussive song with a monster hook. They’re all cool songs with something for every rock and pop fan to enjoy, and punk and synth-rock fans too. Even the final song has plenty to offer in the shape of “Game” as it wins their own in the process.

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