NIK:11 is back with 6AM

NIK:11 is back with 6AM


Detroit based House Techno artist NIK:11 just released a new single entitled ‘6AM. The single I listened to is the “radio edit” version. If you haven’t heard of NIK:11 perhaps you haven’t been paying attention. NIK:11 has received a number of favorable reviews, and accolades thus far in her musical career. To start: Produced by George Clinton. NIK:11 has performed on stages like Lollapalooza and the Rock and… Roll Hall of Fame. NIK:11 has been on several tours in America, Japan and Europe gaining international recognition with my favorite band The Beastie Boys.. NIK:11 was documented by Rolling Stone, Billboard, Spin, and Guitar School. Do I have your attention yet?


Turning our attention now to ‘6AM” this singles hypersensitive atmosphere is intensified by no-wistful melodies that are hypnotic as much as they are mesmerizing. The ‘6AM” single feels like a groovy type of dance dream, where you never know what to expect round the next bend. When you wake up, you’re not quite sure of exactly what just happened – and before you know it – the ride is over. NIK:11 has one of those sounds that are all too familiar but yet you can’t quite put your finger on her. The closest I could place it would a cross between Anja Schneider and Miss Kittin but there are hundreds more I could name like The Prodigy, Chemical Brothers, etc. so I won’t bore you to death with comparables. I don’t agree with her bio’s Lady Ga Ga comparison except perhaps the visually aspect.

‘6AM” starts off with powerful prelude of sorts with hypersensitive melodic build, and rhythms you can feel and hear. I swear listened to this song cranked at a friend’s party and I might add this is the perfect setting for this music. It’s obvious this music has some electro-progressive dance roots and will remind you at times of Crystal Method. As the single methodically unfolds you will notice a strong Electronica foundation, painted against a melodic backdrop of sound and touches of keyboards and synthesizers meshed against the multi-structured drum/bass backbone. I like her vocals well enough on the piece – very hot and well executed. All of this layered instrumentation really hits home. The well placed plethora of a-typical side-bar noises fill the space well against the full complement of thick drums and electro- percussive accents. All elements co-exist well with each other and never feel overcrowded within the sonic space. ‘6AM” is a masterful blend of beats and melodic energy that culminates into a powerful sounding single. I also encourage anyone interested in ‘6AM” to listen to the song via the video link above. Listeners will also hear flawless musical transitions and impressive choral finales that will bring you back to the all too familiar territory poplar in today’s club scene.


Insofar as NIK:11 vocals, she fits into this style of music perfectly as she demonstrates remarkable power and control. He also demonstrates great depth as a writer/producer. As I listened to this song over and over again, I noticed how fluid all the arrangements were.

Bottom Line: “6AM” will work best when you want a psychedelic dance laden electronic movement to slip into your soul. There is a time and place for this single. I might add it might even work well during a spin class. ‘6AM” could easily be converted into a live club type setting. These latest song by NIK:11 rounds out an exceptional exchange of short yet oh so sweet dynamics delivered to us by a driven and talented writer NIK:11 who has definitely honed her craft over the years – so shut up and dance.

Michael Rand

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