Sirens release I Believe single

Sirens release I Believe single


Amazing things can happen in an unexpected moment. To begin with I really liked the way this band was formed. The guys met at a show in Wyandotte, Michigan at the ZUBA music festival while playing in different bands. Interestingly enough, many great things have occurred from the show in Detroit, Michigan. Literally speaking, a band of BROTHERS was formed that day, along with a solid friendship & a common passion for music. Band consists of Steve Kinzer – Keyboards, synth sounds, Josh Barnhart – Drums, Jake Barnhart – Guitar/lead vocals. .

Melding a unique yet accessible blend of off kilter guitars, polyrhythmic beats and melodies, tasty vocal harmonies, groove-ridden synth lines and an infectious vocal front, the Sirens sound is a testament to how they insist on shifting the face of music in 2018. Enter the mind musing, passionate trip of their latest single ‘I Believe” an incredible life’s opus if you will that skirts the lines of life from the casual observers point of view. This perspective is not to be underestimated or minimized.

“I Believe” offer everything the title implies and is a very human blend of the Sirens’ spin on life through their eyes and music. They possesses a very accessible signature sound. Indeed intelligent lyrics and catchy melody lines are the heart of the Sirens formula. They also bring painfully simple yet powerful thoughts and subject matter, heartfelt rhythms and melodies to the plate. Also present is an easy going element of the humanistic wisdom via this very relaxing 3.5 minutes track that’s sure to provoke a positive reaction from every listener that gives it a spin.

The song is a bold mixture that encourage you to tap your foot, but also offer a spectrum of sounds and musical landscape that will keep you guessing or wondering what’s around the next corner. “I Believe” offers a unique opportunity to sit back and see where the journey takes you via an electrifying sound that will remind you of Foster the People, Imagine Dragons, American Authors and Beck.

Sirens are one upcoming band worth watching live or checking out in the studio as their soulful sound and unique perspective on life can be appreciated by all fans of music – young and old.


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