David Shane drops hot new Single

David Shane drops hot new Single

SPOTIFY: https://open.spotify.com/album/5SjhCNvncX1eyG51cenOmF

David Shane’s single and video – “Shooting Star” ft. Demari Thompson (4K) is his latest release, but there’s some background worth noting to see that he’s been on the scene since his first album at the young age of 13. City Boy, the first single from the self-produced album, was picked up by radio stations throughout Australia, and the brilliantly self-produced music video for the song was aired on Australian TV. Domestically, the hit single and video received substantial airplay and recognition in San Francisco. And he sings and plays all the instruments on his latest releases.

Having already been heard in television and radio, as well as writing songs published by Universal Music Group/FirstCom, Crucial Music, Music Supervisor and JC3 Publishing. (including “HeartLand”, “Home And Away,” “American Rehab”), Movies, College Radio Stations and other Media Platforms throughout the world. David Shane has recently done collaborations with Taylor Sparks and Billboard Top 40 Charting Artists Vessbros and Jaki Nelson, which has him on the right road to bigger success. And that brings a lot to the table backing this new single, but once you hear and see it you’ll know why.

First of-all, if you like lyric videos, there’s also one to see before or after watching “Shooting Star” ft. Demari Thompson (4K). Why a lyric video when there is also a promo video for this or any single? Because for one, without a full-length album release, you usually don’t get any liner notes with lyrics. Hip hop, pop and soul music have very lyrical songs, so it makes all the sense in the world if you want the words to be known. It should always come before the feature promo, so be sure and check it out to know more about the song. You get the best of both worlds that way.

The single itself is a superior pop tune with a lot more going on than meets the ear, and that’s just another reason the video works so well to accompany the song. It’s a pretty-laid back song with a smooth groove, but the beats pop in just the right places to highlight what the song is about, which is how much better everything would be if he only had the right one by his side for it. Shane stays away from pop clichés, instead creating his own mellow mix of the genres. You can hear Demari throughout the track, but he comes alive toward the end and shows why David Shane works with him. Demari helps make the song.

This brings everything to the video where Demari plays a role during the entire shoot and rounds the collaboration off better than just appearing in the song. Once you see the video you know this process is the best way to get a single across these days. It brings out everything about the tune with a second to none video with everything from airplanes to fast cars in it, choreographed by Chase Scheffel with some great scenes that perfectly match the quality of the song. It’s all done with the best of intentions to show that’s what David Shane’s music comes with in this great video of an even greater single.

I-TUNES: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/shooting-star-feat-demari-thompson-single/1338890017

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