Intelligent Diva Drops Hot New Single

Intelligent Diva is not a woman that blends into a crowd. Her reputation has reached mildly notorious proportions, and it continues to grow. Music is simply one facet of the entity that Intelligent Diva has become, and yet she continues to pour everything she has into her recordings. Her latest release, “Sex To A Sax,” continues to push the envelope of eroticism and feminine provocation. Intelligent and fiercely independent, ID is defining by example, the template for a 21st century woman.

We could compose an entirely separate review for Intelligent Diva’s assorted side projects. Aside from being a Singer/Rapper/Songwriter, ID has done modeling, acting, and even worked as a hairstylist at one point. She owns her own record label, and acts as an all-round entrepreneur. Just perusing all of these endeavors, is enough to exhaust some, but Intelligent Diva seems to possess an extra gear. If nothing else, her ambition and initiative is inspiring.

Intelligent Diva has recently gone on record as saying that her music is targeted towards an adult demographic. As one could extrapolate, with a title like “Sex To A Sax,” there is a racy element to the track. This could be a bit polarizing for some, but liberating for others. Regardless of the tone of content, ID’s talent as a singer and a recording artist shines through on “Sex To A Sax.” She holds absolutely nothing back, and let’s just say, things get highly descriptive.

What would “Sex To A Sax,” be without a saxophone? Aaron Bing has the honor of providing the saxophone track on the record, and he gives us every bit as much as the Diva, herself. From the opening note, Bing is exhaling from the depths of his soul, and adds a great deal of passion and sensuality to the song. He and Diva have an intense chemistry, and he is instrumental, no pun intended, in enhancing Diva’s vision for the piece. Without Aaron Bing, “Sex To A Sax” is nowhere near as memorable.

The production on “Sex To A Sax” is some of the best we have heard from an Intelligent Diva track. ID gives one of her most fluid, and dynamically competent vocal performances, to date. This mood, tone, and texture, suits her vocal style, like a glove. While ID might be an acquired taste in some respects, her passion and zeal cannot be denied or underestimated. She approaches all of her projects at full blast, as to emerge without a single regret.

If you’re interested in Intelligent Diva’s music, “Sex To A Sax” is the place to start. The song is unquestionably raunchy, but musically, it is well conceived and presented. The addition of Aaron Bing is a major difference maker, and he leaves a lasting impression. As for Intelligent Diva, she continues to ascend on the ladder to success, that she built with her own hands. As she continues to clear her own path in the business and entertainment world, Intelligent Diva is doing her part to redefine the idea of the modern woman.

Written by Mark Ryann , posted by Michael Rand

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