Exclusive Interviw with Juliana Hale

What was it like the first time you realized music is what you wanted to do as your life’s work? 

When I was 9 years old. That’s when I began playing guitar and writing songs, and I just knew it’s what I wanted to do with my life. My family moved with me to Nashville so I could pursue my dreams when I was 11. 

Who was the most encouraging with your talent? 

My mom. She is beyond supportive and is a part of my team too. She is encouraging but honest. I know I can count on her to give me her real opinion and I know her heart is in the right place. She’s really helped me to grow.

Was there anyone that was the least? 

There are a few people I could point out personally, but I’d rather not 🙂 So, I’ll just say there were a lot of kids in high school who were rather aggressively against me and my music. It never deterred me though.

You make performing seem seamless. How much practice goes into what you do? 

I am big on practicing. I am a perfectionist and actually half left and right-brained, so I like things to be planned out. I’ve recently tried to be less planned and more organic actually so that it is a more carefree experience. I think I’ve had to find that perfect balance.  I’ll have 1-2 4 hour rehearsals with my band before shows, and I run the show a couple times a night back to back the week of the show. 

With all the successes you’ve experienced in your career, can you recall a time where you were tested in it?

So many times. I have made the mistake of working with the wrong people countless times, and that can be very discouraging. Over 60,000 songs are released a day, so that is some pretty hefty competition as well. I’ve worked on not letting comparison get to me.

How did you make the decision to keep on going for your goals?

I just have a determination for it deep inside of me. I don’t think I could stop if I wanted to. And plus I figure, I’ve come this far already so there’s no point in stopping now.

Who or what did you turn to when you needed a refocus?

I turned to God and talked to either my mom or boyfriend. I just take time to myself to really evaluate my goals and what I’m doing to get there.

Tell our audience about your latest passion project!

I’m currently working on a new song that I’m passionate about! It explores some themes that are a bit more advanced for me and really look at the current times. There’s been a lot of talk about the world ending, and that can be daunting to a young person, so I wrote about those emotions and living with hope like there is a tomorrow.

How did you come up with what you wanted to do next?

I decided to release Dollhouse feat Wande next because I wanted to release an empowering, hard-hitting track.

How are you making time for everything you do!

I make to-do lists to stay organized and I assign certain days to work on certain things. I will honestly work until 2 or 3 am some nights and wake up at 8. I try to wake up earlier, but it’s just not how I’m made.

What are you focusing on right now going forward with your music?

I am focused on taking my songwriting to the next level and making undeniable music. I’m always focused on building my audience on social media and through live shows. I have some singles lined up to be released in 2022 that I’m super excited about.

Give us where and how to find your music!

Here is a universal link! ffm.bio/julianahale

and these are my socials Instagram: julianahale

tiktok: thejulianahale

facebook: https://www.facebook.com/julianahalemusic

twitter: thejulianahale

URL: julianahale.com

For Press Inquiries: bsquaredmgmt@gmail.com

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