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Your music is really thoughtful. How long do you contemplate what the subject matter will be?
Edem: It happens organically. The music reflects my inner workings and thoughts. They grow together without too much planning. Sometimes I will create music around a particular theme for sure but, as I said, on the whole the music and concept walk together.

Brett: I wish I could share the secret, but it’s hard to quantify. Imagine a professional kitchen inside a restaurant. There are many different savory dishes in various stages of completion. That’s our studio.
Context is everything, do you make sure you are clear with your messaging? How do you do that?
Edem: Now that’s a tough one; having a clear message is crucial, but leaving enough room for individual interpretation is very important to me. Coming from a fine art background, I feel that the viewer’s/listener’s subjective interaction and interpretation creates the dialog.

Brett: I’d like to think so, but as in everything there’s always something lost in translation. I’d like to think we were perfect in conveying our message in every song we write, but I’m happy just to put something forward that generates interest. It’s “clear” from our perspective, but we’re also aware that everyone views the world through each’s own personal set of rose-colored glasses. We’re just happy to shed some light.
What music has been worth the wait for as long as you’ve been working on it?
Edem: We always love our latest piece we’re working on. This said, “Yes” is out now! We are always surprising ourselves and live to experience the next musical journey and adventure.

Brett: Every new track keeps getting better than the last. To me, our writing is like “Christmas”. It’s the mystery of discovery that makes it so magical.
Will your fans be surprised with what you have coming up next?
Edem: Let’s hope so! It’s a groovy one. We are constantly growing our production and songwriting skills, so each tune, to us, is increasingly engaging.

Brett: I would be happier to see they felt more satisfied. Surprises come in both good and bad versions, and we always try to give them something that we’re proud of.
Who have you been in the mix with on your music? 
Edem: We are so proud and excited to work with our wordsmith, and celebrated Croatian artist, Sandra Ban. She gives the music the human element of voice. Her acumen and delivery are perfect for our concepts and compositions.

Brett: We typically bounce things off anyone we come in contact with. It helps us to know that our message has been received. If not, we reshape it until we get it right.
What are you daring yourself to do as you get further along in your music?
Edem: To continue to create our unique KinderCrowdControl music, regardless of current trends. To continue to inspire others to do the same. No safety nets!

Brett: That there is no limit.
What are you daring yourself to do as you get further in your career? 
Edem: Have no fear. Take what comes, and clear those hurdles.

Brett: No dares. No boundaries. Only music.
How do you feel like your work is shaping your fans who are listening? 
Edem: Well, it’s KinderCrowdControl!

Brett: Listen. We’re not looking to shape our fans. They’re perfect the way they are. And if there are 8 billion people on the planet we hope to find some people who find our music enjoyable. If they like what we’re doing we’re thrilled. If they pass it up, that’s OK too because there are 7,999,999,999 more of them out there who might just like it.
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