The ReWlettes Release “To Sir With Love” To Help “Feed The Children”

The ReWlettes featuring the alluring and riveting Rew Starr has just released a heartwarming benefit cover of “To Sir With a Love,” the original song by Lulu sung in her film debut of  “To Sir With Love” starring Sidney Poitier. The video release is a collaboration with the Zest Radio Show benefiting Feed the Children. Zest will donate 10 cents to Feed The Children charity up to a maximum of 10,000 plays. The video is a compelling rendition of the 1967 movie’s theme song with proper harmony and vibrant instrumentals by the ReWlettes. 

Aside from the new release Rew Starr is a vibrant superstar on the rise. Her songs resemble the sophisticated anarchy of the London 80’s when punk was colorful and full of texture. ReW’s songs are as a spirited guest with the God’s themselves propelling this chariot of fire…..

What motivated you to begin a career in the music industry?

I always wanted to be in the music world. It was actually a hidden secret for me. After moving back to NYC after living in Philadelphia, I ran into an acquaintance who I only knew in clubs. She introduced me to her friend Paul who had just moved here. He was the biggest Ramones fan I had ever met. Paul said “Look, I just moved here to make music. I can play guitar and write music..  You look like you can write lyrics and sing.” Well, we wrote and wrote and wrote. We finally got the courage to do an open mic at the Sun Mountain Cafe in Greenwich Village and immediately got our first gig.  It has never stopped from there….

How did you get Lulu to agree to let you cover “To Sir With Love” and why did you choose that particular song?

I got Lulu’s blessing to cover “To Sir With Love” on IG at one of her livestreams.  I was in shock, she responded!!! This particular song was picked by divine intervention for sure! Zest Radio Show in Canada has been a major supporter of my creative projects. It was Zest who asked me if I would cover the song. Little did he know I have a brother who I call my producer in heaven, and this happened to be his favorite film and song!  I even have his record album of the soundtrack in my record collection. The album even has a cameo in the video!!! 

What was the inspiration behind you and Zest Radio using that cover to donate to feed hungry children? And how exactly will that work?

The inspiration behind using the cover to donate to Feed the Children is from the heart. This film and song represent love and respect to humanity. Sydney Poitier plays a teacher in a classroom of houligans and punks. He teaches them how to respect themselves and each other.  One scene he gives a cooking class to the students, to show how to cook and prepare food for yourself.  Zest and I both know how food is love and children need nutrition to function in a healthy way. 

We looked into various options and Feed the Children was a pure bullseye for us; they work internationally and do a great job making sure the children get fed. How it works is every stream of the music video on Youtube donates 10 cents to Feed the Children. The campaign goes to 10,000 views and will run until 12/8/21.  People also have been contributing directly through our campaign to FTC and they have already been getting a remarkable amount of donations! It’s so beautiful. All details on how to contribute are in the description 

of the YouTube video.

Aside from “To Sir With Love” you have really great songs that you’ve done, what was your inspiration behind your music in general?

Well thank you so much for that! The inspiration for my songs I have to say are from my life experiences. Usually when I write, the song just comes out somehow. I can go for long periods of not writing much, and then other times where I write a lot. I am often inspired by muses that cross my path… I swear I am not looking for danger and trouble.. but in hindsight those times make great songs!!!

Do you remember a moment that changed the trajectory of your life?

Yes, I would have to say it was the memory I shared in the first question. I had only just moved back to NYC after living in Philly for two and a half years {lots of songs inspired from memories in philly}.  When I was walking home from my new job selling costume. jewelry in MACY’S {I worked there for 17 days haha} I was on Bleecker St. and ran into this girl Sandy. We knew each other only from hanging in nightclubs. She literally said “what are you doing here?” I said “I’m really from here, I was just living in Philly..”, she said “this is my friend Paul, he knows nobody be his friend”…. the rest is history.

What is your ultimate stage fantasy?

My ultimate stage fantasy would be playing on a world tour on as many stages as I possibly could perform on! Sold out would sure be a highlight. I am always used to a quality crowd, so small venues would be perfect for me. I always say I want to live in a hotel so different hotels all over the globe are definitely on top of my list all the way!

Who is the coolest person you’ve ever met in life?

The coolest person I ever met in my life would have to be Marianne Faithfull. I lived in London many moons ago and became very close with an amazing fashion designer, Ossie Clark.  He was great friends with Marianne and we would go to her flat in the middle of the night a lot. I always thought we were having tea-time at 4am instead of 4pm!!!

She would tell me incredible stories about her life. I remember she was coming to NY to do SNL and that was a whole story to itself. I saw her a few times back in America, once actually in Philly and then in NYC. I’d love to connect again one day, but it’s been decades.

If I could ask you any question on the planet what would it be in how would you answer?

Who would you want to cover one of your songs?

Miley Cyrus.

Watch “To Sir With Love” by The ReWlettes 

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