Singer/Songwriter Hannyta Releases “17” Single

Emerging teen sensation, Hannyta, is making some serious plays and displaying her range with her newly remixed single, “17.” The Houson Boombox Remix is the dance club version of the original, more bare-bones track. It somehow works just as well, but certainly provides a different listening experience. It’s a peculiar dichotomy, because hearing Hannyta in the context of the remix is similar but contrasting from the original. It sounds as though no additional vocal tracks were recorded for the Houson mix, and instead were pasted on.


Hannyta is a Hungarian born girl, who immigrated to Scotland, early on. She sings in fluent English, and it’s interesting to speculate if she is able to sing in Hungarian as well. Her voice is strong and well-developed, giving her a mature sound that enhances her credibility. Her overall style seems best suited for a kind of Adult Oriented Pop, but this remix opens up all sorts of possibilities for her. Her range seems to be evolving by the day, as a matter of fact.

The production on The Houson mix is crisp and pairs delightfully with ear buds. It’s the type of track that you get lost in, and unconsciously make strangely euphoric facial expressions while listening to. It represents the best of the early 2000’s electronic movement, before things became overly produced. There’s still a heartbeat to this track, and something innately human about it. Often times, the emotions in Electronic music are limited to a willful abandonment of consciousness, but Hannyta keeps us invested.

Mean what you say/say what you mean. It’s about as poignantly simple as it gets, and Hannyta really drives the point home. There isn’t much meat on the bone here, lyrically, which allows the piece to translate well into an electronic number. The subject of the song is Hannyta’s floundering love interest, who’s isochronously texting other girls and her. It’s puppy love fodder, but Hannyta strikes the right nerve if you listen from the right angle. It’s less the context and more her emotional capacity to deal with things that are otherwise rather trivial, if she weren’t so young.


It’s not essential to hear the original version of “17,” before listening to the remix, but it is recommended. When you hear how much of a departure the Houson mix is from the foundation of the piece, but also how organic it is, you may marvel. Hannyta is one of those artists that you hear for the first time and are moderately impressed. The next thing you know, she is exploding in the same way as a Katy Perry or a Halsey would. There’s something about this voice and the shielded innocence that foretells a sort of breakout success that many won’t see coming. Of course, the real question is, does Hannyta see it? As Blink 182 said a few years ago, it’s a long way back from 17. For Hannyta, it’s a long road ahead. However, it can be a golden path if she continues to embrace the very things that make her unstoppable; the ability and courage to be herself. 

Anne Hollister posted by Michael Rand

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