Sandy T Drops “Fall 4 You” (SINGLE)

You could make a case for the beat being the centerpiece in the new single “Fall 4 You” from Sandy T and be as justified as those who would say the vocal is the true point of emphasis in the song, being that this latest single from the acclaimed crooner feels like one cultivated with duality above all else. There’s a split aesthetic to this track that seems to run down the middle between a darker strain of soul-pop and a funky, inelegant grooving that could belong only to the most rebellious of singer/songwriters in the game today, and as conflicting as these two styles are, they make for quite the cohesive sound in this performance – to say the least.

Sandy T has never been one to back down from an artistic challenge, be it inviting contrasting elements into the same arrangement or pushing the creative limits of a pop hook as far to the left of expected as she can without tripping into avant-garde territory, and while this might not be the most extreme example of her experimentation to date, it’s certainly the most melodic I’ve heard out of the handful of true indie listens I’ve tested out this year. 

From where I sit, the lyrical content in “Fall 4 You” feels much more mature than what the standard has been in pop for the past couple of years, and I would even go so far as to say these verses are some of the most introspective that Sandy T has put forth in a pop single so far. She seems a lot more confident in what she’s singing to the audience than I was initially anticipating, which isn’t to say that she’s somehow abandoning the trademark hesitance she utilizes to overstate vulnerability.

There’s just an element of swagger to her delivery that is incredibly fetching in this single, and it doesn’t sound nor seem the least bit forced no matter what angle we’re looking at this performance from. Even the tension in the backdrop has a role to play in making the story she’s looking to tell feel real and tangible to the listener, and although this bassline is pretty sly considering the structure of the hook, it’s not something that Sandy T ever has to worry about leaning on – after all, this is perhaps her most straightforward take on a simple rhythm yet. 

I was already feeling the vibe from the music that this player has released in the past ten years plus, but with the arrival of “Fall 4 You” I feel all the more excited about hearing whatever Sandy T is going to produce in and outside of the studio next. Her charm and charisma as a songwriter and performer is only swelling with time, and as she gets more experience under her belt (along with additional time in the spotlight), I can’t imagine her skills getting anything but better. This is her most complete song so far, and it’s definitely won my heart this season. 

Michael Rand

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